Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Festive Christmas Decor in Photos

Yes, occasionally people fall off the face of the earth, which is what happened to me over the last three weeks apparently. I am having major regret that I wasn't able to celebrate the holiday season to the best of my ability, like I normally do, but such is life. My class is finally over, Kyle has a few upcoming days off and I'm getting into the spirit of this special time of year!

Even though we've been at our new place a month, there's still an entire room to be unpacked (yikes!). This, of course, does not mean my Christmas decorations were relegated to said room. Priorities, people, priorities. Granted, doing a quick house tour before showing off my festive decor would probably make more sense, but we're playing catch up and a house tour looks like it won't be in the cards until 2012.

Thus, a speedy and effective Christmas decoration tour of the house of Sutherland (apologies for the slightly blurry shots. We're still trying to figure out the fancy pants camera we bought a couple months ago):

The tree in all its glory. There were some sans Moe,
but you know I can't resist that little guy.
A mixture of gilded pinecones, framed Christmas artwork, ornaments
and Christmas books from childhood.
The wish tree from our wedding I refuse to toss.
Mini glitter birds to decorate the tini branches.

I got some great use out of these pinecones this year.
I originally spray painted them for a baby shower (I still plan on posting about)
and they came in handy for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Paired in a crystal bowl next to a Diptyque candle... Heaven.
One of my favorite decorations. It's a frame my grandma put together.
There's a Christmas art project from each of her 5 kids during their childhood
(my mom made the Santa in the middle).
Nothing says Christmas like 3 St. Nicks and some Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris.
My tree is bird themed even though in real life I feel birds are rats of the sky.
One of my favorite ornaments. I bought a couple in Vienna a few years ago.
They're simple and pretty.

I love my Santa garlands. Also a find from Vienna.

I hope you've all been having a lovely holiday season and that you are looking forward to what's to come in 2012.

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