Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 29

Full disclosure: you are lucky to be reading this. I only realized it was actually Wednesday because my husband just reminded me over the phone.

Phew, sigh of relief, I know!

Unfortunately for you, you have to enjoy me in all my unadulterated glory. No makeup. No perfectly coiffed hair (because my hair is always perfectly coiffed, this should come as no surprise to you). No cute maternity get-up. Don't think I've let everything go to hell in a hand basket though! There's simply no time to get pretty AND get this up on time.

The things I do to put these photos on the internet for you. ONWARD!

Musings on weekly photo: Heads up: I refer to myself as a "skinny-ish" pregnant woman later in this post. By the looks of these photos, one might call me a delusional liar. I know I am!

Size of baby: We are nearing the three pound mark... ma goodness gracious, me oh my. Apparently, his brain starts to do all sorts of building in the coming weeks. Right now, it's rather smooth, but soon it will have many wrinkles like yours, mine and Kanye West's (errrm, scratch that last one).

Movement: It literally looks like something out of Alien. If you watch my stomach when he's going to town on moving around in there, there are dips and waves and forceful kicks. It's quite the sight.

Cravings: Fruit and ice cream. Not together, mind you. Good god, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of both?! Although, I suppose a banana milkshake manages to give a hat tip to each craving simultaneously (and deliciously).

Annoyance: Not too much to complain about due to pregnancy this week. My friend Nigel said to me over the weekend, "You're much skinnier than I expected you to be, Elizabeth. I thought you'd be fatter." I don't know why I'm putting this in the annoyance category, because it actually made me quite happy! However, while I may look like a somewhat "skinny-ish" pregnant woman, my wardrobe is shrinking by the second. I'm starting to have to make decisions on what I'd be ok with having stretched out after the baby's born and what I'd rather just put into storage and bid adieu to until next year. Decisions, decisions (oh, and note to all you pregnant gals out there: wearing tighter clothing actually makes be feel better about my appearance. Yes, I realize this may not be the case for all, but I figure it couldn't hurt to mention it).

Highlight of the week: Memorial Day weekend was pretty stellar. We spent the entire time hanging out with college peeps, which translates into about 72 hours of non-stop laughing and inappropriate jokes. I love my friends with all my heart, and cannot believe how much they already love our son. It makes me melt into a ball of goo.

Non-Highlight of the week: Yeah, girlfriend didn't put sunscreen on her legs at the beach on Sunday. And she's still suffering from 2nd degree burns on her calves. Being a person of Scandinavian descent, as well as one who does all she can to stay out of the sun, this may be one of the biggest "baby brain" moments she's experienced thus far. Foolish, foolish lump of a girl.

Fears: I've returned to worrying about getting the nursery set up and ready to go by August. We were doing well for a while, and then life kind of got busy, and we stopped. I recognize that the more I do, the better I feel, so I shall eat my beans with every meal. Wait a second...

Nursery: See above. Not much progress made on that front. Although we did get his mattress (which Kyle scoffed, "It's better than ours!").

Additional Notes: Another little mention to expectant moms out there: I wait until holiday weekends to buy maternity gear because sites tend to have big sales. So far, it's worked like a charm, especially for awesome basics from Gap Maternity. They've done 40% off sales every holiday weekend I've been pregnant, and if you purchase over $50 worth of stuff, they ship it to you for free. SCORE.

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 28

Yowza, the weeks keep flying by, don't they? This past weekend, Kyle and I did very low key things because we realized the next 6 weekends (!) are filled to the brim with all sorts of greatness, friends and adventures.

Which is awesome because I love adventures. And friends.

However, I know it means it will make time speed by even faster. Which means I will be a mom in the blink of an eye.

Shall we... move on to the photos?

and why not one from the front... for fun!

Musings on weekly photo: Holy moly, we're starting to get into big girl territory. Is it just me, or do I actually look significantly bigger from last week's photo? Naive Elizabeth mentioned "stretch fabric is her friend" back around Week 18. Stretch fabric is no longer her friend; it's a necessity.

Size of baby: If we're going off the guesses made at this week's doctor's appointment, he's about 2.5 pounds and the size of an aubergine (that's eggplant to all you non-European folk. Holla, Gurs and Nigel!). What's really crazy is that the majority of his length growing is almost done; he'll only tack on a couple more inches before August. But the weight gain? That's just beginning.

Movement:  It's to the point now where I have to keep track of how much he moves. I'm not a huge fan of this kind of stuff because sometimes it encourages anxiety for me ("Has he moved enough? Is he moving? Dear GOD, is he alive?!?!"). However, the boy is clearly Baryshnikov, what with all the pliés and pirouettes that he does, so luckily, I don't have to dwell on the concern.

Cravings: Nothing new to report in this department, although I am obsessed with this local find from Little Italy's Farmer's Market. Yes, the name is horribly cheesy. Yes, the sauce is damn good!

Annoyance: I feel like I mention this once every couple weeks, so bear with me. Sleeping just sucks, man. I'm hot all the time now, I wake up about 4 times a night, and when I do, everything just aches. EVERYTHING. Ok... I'm done throwing myself a pity party.

Highlight of the week: Kyle and I took Moe to Fiesta Island this Sunday and caught the eclipse. Aside from having a great seat to watch it all, we had the privilege of watching him go swimming in the bay. This might not sound like a big deal to most, but Moe is not a swimmer by nature and he does this hysterical horse trot when he gets back onto land.

Non-Highlight of the week: I'm starting to get antsy about meeting BBS and there's still quite a few ways to go! I vacillate between excitement and terror, so these are passing feelings.

Fears: Never sleeping well... again?

Nursery: More organization is happening, slowly but surely, and I am excited to make a couple more furniture switches to bring it all together.

Additional Notes: If you own a dog and have a baby or are expecting a baby and you didn't have a chance to read my post about Dogs and Babies from last Friday, look it over. I could go on and on about what I learned at this class.

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dogs and Babies: A Refreshing Wake Up

WARNING: Long, but informative, post alert. Take the time to read it if you have a dog and a baby (or are expecting a baby!).

I'm sure this comes as no surprise to those of you who follow this blog that I am completely obsessed with my pitbull mix, Moe. I've said it before, and I'll say it now (and I'll say it again!): he is one of the true loves of my life. He is everything a good dog should be: sweet, kind, gentle, playful when the time calls for it, mellow when he needs to be.

It should also come as no surprise then that I am incredibly defensive of my dog and his pitbull heritage (my friend Trav is rolling his eyes at this I'm sure; incredibly defensive doesn't even BEGIN to cover it).

I feel the plight of the pitbull owner is one of defensive education. No, my dog is not inherently bad. Yes, I trust him and he trusts me. No, he will not try to eat my child when we bring him home from the hospital (by the way, I know most people are joking when they say things like this, but I don't find it funny; I actually find it completely rude... Yup, wasn't lying about being defensive; I should probably calm down a bit).

So, on Tuesday, when I attended a class offered by our hospital (aptly titled, "Dogs and Babies: Play It Safe"), I went in with my protective attitude. Having worked with and spent time with children AND my dog simultaneously, I can honestly say Moe likes kids. Thus, I was surprised when the following happened.

Our instructor, Madeline Gabriel: "How many of you here believe your dog is capable of biting a child?" Two hands out of almost 20 went up. Only two (and mine was not one of them). Her response: "By the end of this class, I am hoping that every hand in this room, no matter your dog's personality or breed, goes up. Because EVERY dog is capable of biting a child."

I should mention that she gave us some stats at the beginning about dog bites and maulings, and it should be mentioned that when it comes to "family dogs" mauling or killing the children in their families, it is very RARE for it to actually be a true "family dog." Unfortunately, in the media, when these stories are reported, they use that term, but many of them are dogs that are not socialized with family members; they're kept in the garage or outside, essentially removed from the lives of their "owners." I feel it's also important to know that 50% of all children in the U.S. will be bit by a dog before they turn 18 and that (quoting directly here) "because young children under age five present their faces to dogs, when they get bitten, 77% of the time it is to the face or head, leaving little margin for error."

The most interesting thing she said, however, was, "We care about dog bites to children because children are vulnerable and dogs pay with their lives." We live in a society where cute dog and baby interactions are rewarded, but it's setting both parties up for possible failure.

The following is a bulleted rundown of some of the things she covered. I'm probably going to do a horrible job of it, but I cannot recommend her wisdom, training, website and blog enough. If you live in the San Diego area, are delivering a baby at Sharp Mary Birch and love your dog, take this course! 

Avoid the "Curse of the Good Dog."  
I am probably the most guilty of this, but as I mentioned, I am constantly trying to convince people that my dog is a good dog. However, one thing Madeline mentioned is that if you are completely, 100% convinced that your dog would NEVER bite a child, you can be blinded to their possible warning signs that they are uncomfortable. To quote her directly, "Children who grow up with a 'good dog' are often allowed to take more liberties with that good dog." And at the end of the day, as much as we want to convince ourselves that are dogs are like us, they are DOGS. They are animals. Some dogs are much more tolerant than others, but that does not mean they do not have a tipping point. She put it in this perspective: Imagine you're at the grocery store and someone is standing directly behind you in line, thus violating your personal space. At first you might turn to them and shoot them a "what the hell are you doing?" kind of look. If they continue to stand their and don't catch the signal you're giving them, you might say, "excuse me" in a rather firm tone. If at that point, they still haven't moved, you're probably gonna yell something like, "Hey, back the fuck off, you are right up on me!" Dogs do this too when they're uncomfortable in a situation, but they do not have the gift of language to communicate it directly and succinctly. As their owner, you're the best person to know if they are relaxed or on edge. 

Know and help your dog. 
She encourages dog owners (before their babies arrive) to really know their dog's body language, because each one is going to be unique. They're going to have their own experiences, tolerate different noises, behaviors and situations... it is very important to remember that one dog's relaxation behavior might be another's worried behavior! You can tell when your dog is happy and relaxed, and when they're unhappy or worried. In recognizing these signals that they're displaying, you can help train your dog to have a wider range of relaxed expectations. Example, maybe your dog startles easily. Before you have a baby, it's not too big of a deal, but think about how much noise a baby makes. A baby throws things on the ground, screams, cries, acts wild; it's what children do! Thus, knowing this about your dog can help you train them to be more relaxed with the situation before it actually happens.

Know and help your baby.
Babies and children are curious about the world around them (as they should be)! Knowing this, realize that you can help your child avoid being mesmerized or fixated on your family dog. Have you ever been at the park or walking down the street and seen that kid who is all about your dog? "Doggie! Doggie!" is their usual calling card. Personally, I do adore this kid. I was this kid. You cannot fault a child for wanting to get close to some cute, fuzzy animal. However, take a step back from the adorable child and the dog you love, and look at the possibilities. This child is most likely going to come at your dog the way they would another person: head on. Face to face. In the animal kingdom, that sort of approach is actually a threatening behavior, so you're putting your dog in a situation that he or she is unsure of and your setting up this sweet, innocent child for a good (or very bad) experience. Here's another thing about babies and toddlers: they're tactile beings. They want to feel and touch and experience everything with their hands and feet. They're also gaining more muscle control by the second. Ever held a baby and had them suddenly grab onto your hair with the force of a kung fu master? I know I have. Now imagine you're a dog and being pet by a baby and that baby is petting you gently... until it decides to grab your fur with all its "holy hell, how is it possible you're this strong" strength. Some dogs have a higher tolerance for this behavior, but others don't and why should they be subjected to the whims of a baby who is innocently doing what babies do. Essentially, don't set your child up to be able to engage in this kind of behavior with dogs and instill respect in a dog's personal space from the get-go.

Understand that most dogs simply tolerate babies and toddlers until the age of 5.
Your dog loves you. Your dog may or may not love your baby the way you think or hope they will, and that's OK! Madeline was saying that until a child turns 5, it is difficult for them to fully participate in the kinds of scenarios that make your dog love you (feeding, playing, walking, etc.). Also, take into account what a dog goes through when a new baby is introduced to the family. You're sleep deprived? Well, so is your dog. I find I'm much more cranky when I haven't gotten a full night's sleep, and people should realize that the same things apply to their dog. Another thing I'd like to point out is that we were shown a diagram of the rate that "issues" between babies and dogs occur. There's initially a "what is going on" period at the onset, but for the first couple months, babies and dogs get in a good routine. It's around the time that crawling and walking start to happen that these issues spike, due to the fact that it's unfamiliar territory for both the child and the animal.

Ok... Anyone still there? Honestly, I have not even begun to cover a quarter of the stuff I learned in this Dog's and Babies class, and I feel I may have done a horrible job of succinctly conveying what I did. If you're reading along and some "a ha!" moments are happening for you like they did for me, please check out Dogs and Babies Learning for all the accurate, informative and amazing deets.

You may commence with your weekend.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Currently Making My Thursday

Ummm, yeah, it would be this lovely image put together and sent over by my totally awesome friend, Jenny.

 I have been playing around with iMovie to try to put something like this together at the end of it all, but you have to agree- she's pretty great to do it unprompted. It's amazing what can happen in 7 weeks!

Per usual, I am blessed to have the friends that I do. I love you, Miss Jenny!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 27

HELLO final trimester. There's a part of me that is giddy and horrified at the fact that I'm officially on the last stretch of pregnancy (where does the time go?!). Giddy because we are almost 12ish weeks out from meeting our son. Horrified because I can't imagine how much more pushing and pulling my skin can actually take.

Things are gettin' taut up in here!

Musings on weekly photo:  Ooooh, yoga clothes and a makeup-less face? You're suddenly feeling like we're back at Week 21, aren't you? I hope you really enjoy the dark circles on my eyes from the non-existent sleeping that's been happening. I have a feeling they're here to stay for a couple years, if not forever.

Size of baby: I think, based on my research, that at this point, BBS starts to put on about 6 ounces a week. Then, in the final two months, it's about 3/4-1 pound a week. I can't wait to give birth and be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. That happens immediately, right?

Movement:  Hiccups happened! I've been thinking about this since and I've realized that when it comes to recognizing what certain movements mean (kicking, Braxton Hicks, etc.), it's really about putting it into your own language or concept. Wow, I just reread that sentence and it makes no sense. For clarification: two days before I felt hiccups for "the first time" I read a passage where someone described hiccups as feeling like kicks, but with rhythm. Thus, I had an understanding of what that personally meant when I felt and recognized them as such... Anyone following my incoherence on this subject?

Cravings: Baskin Robbins ice cream. Baseball Nut is a particular fave. This is somewhat huge because during the summer of 2000, I worked at Baskin Robbins as a shift manager and haven't wanted it since. Do you know how horribly great it is to eat ice cream all summer? You'd be amazed at how much you can consume via those small pink tester spoons.

Annoyance: I think I have a cold and I am almost positive I caught it from a nice, but somewhat gross, Baskin Robbins employee (see above) who clearly was sick when I stopped in on Saturday. Instinct told me two things: to walk out and not have any ice cream or to ask her to wash her hands before scooping my treat. I ignored my own advice because, well, I was craving ice cream and didn't have the balls to make her feel like a leper. I am regretting my decision to stay silent. But I do not regret the ice cream!

Highlight of the week: I received an invite in the mail on Saturday... for my (and BBS') baby shower in Orange County next month. It is all sorts of glorious and I cannot thank my mom and sister enough for hosting it for me! Special kudos go out to Auntie Ginny for such a creative and delicious invitation.

Non-Highlight of the week: My dog's digestive system has been all sorts of wicked this week. Honestly, I'm not sure my olfactory senses have ever been subjected to anything quite like it before. And for those who've experienced "eau de Moe," that's really saying something.

Fears: Waiting until the last second to get the nursery pulled together, then being displeased with the result for having to rush it along. This is a recurring problem of mine.

Nursery: Are you wondering what happened to that nursery inspiration board I promised last week? It's still coming... things just take much longer these days. 

Additional Notes: Ok, I don't want to get everyone too excited about it, but the Dogs and Babies class at Sharp Mary Birch that I attended last night was AWESOME. I had been planning to do a review on it here, but honestly, it deserves its own post. Essentially, what they teach you is that both dogs and babies need to be "trained" in order to make sure everyone is copacetic and that the household dynamic remains a happy one. Stay tuned if you are a dog and baby lover like I am!

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Facebook Killed the Reunion Star

I think Facebook may have killed the high school reunion.

I take that back; I think Facebook is killing the high school reunion, and I'm venturing a guess that my former schoolmates and I may be its first victims.

I like to think we were always an easygoing group of people. I come from a very small town by southern California standards, and there were only two elementary schools, one junior high and one high school that people attended. Essentially, most of the 198 people I graduated with were kids I grew up with from the age of 3, 4, or 5 on.

In a way, we were like a family... that's kind of how it is with people who grew up alongside you, isn't it? You know the nuances and personalities of each other, whether or not you appreciate them for their similarities to or differences from you. We had our groups of friends and separate interests, but there is an intangible thread that connects a group of schoolmates who journeyed from kindergarten to senior year and I don't care what anyone says to the contrary. I consider it to be a truth.

Thinking back on our time together, especially in middle and high school, I don't remember our class pushing the envelope too much. Also, I don't think there was a ton of class-wide discord. What I mean by this is while, of course, there were the fights and nasty break-ups and rumors you'll find in any high school class, most of my classmates (me included) just sort of coasted toward graduation.

No one tried to pull a creative class prank or rock the boat with authority. Back then, we were not a class of risk takers. We were pretty damn apathetic in a lot of ways, actually.

I can remember chatter around graduation about our ten year reunion; things we'd bring, stories and people we'd talk about. Don't get me wrong, a lot of us disliked one another and were excited at the prospect of new faces for the first time in our lives; just because you're a part of a family doesn't mean you have to like everyone.

Either way, we were sophomores in college when Facebook launched. Our profiles consisted of a single photo of ourselves. The university we were attending (because remember, Facebook used to be only for college students). A few of your interests and hobbies.

And that was it.

But as we continued to get older and Facebook continued to grow, so did our ability to essentially creep on one another's lives. I know where my former classmates have gone to school, have worked, currently work, who they've married, what their children's names are... and it's not as if I've had to try to figure out this information, either! Facebook delivers this news on a platter.

Many of these people, I have not seen since we exited our Grad Night bus on the morning of June 20, 2002.

I know more about some lives now then I did when we saw each other on a daily basis, and there are even those I consider to be my friends now that I never knew all that well growing up (to me, this is one of the definite pluses of social media). But it has left me to ponder over the last year if a reunion is... all that necessary?

As far as I know, each class is left to their own devices; our former high school takes no part in putting together reunion festivities, it's all up to us. In the years creeping up to this 10 year mark, I was wholeheartedly gung-ho about attending it.

Then 2012 rolled around. And it had been 10 years. And I got to thinking: how has Facebook changed the dynamic of the reunion?

For one, it takes any element of surprise or voyeurism away. Gone are the fun "what ifs?" and "who do you thinks?" that I always assumed would happen (you know, like it did for Romy and Michelle). The people I still actually see from my childhood are a small number. The people I communicate with via Facebook and email is slightly larger, but not by much. And the people I disliked or couldn't care less about in high school? I don't care to find out what's going on with them one way or another.

So why in the hell am I going to go to our reunion?

Tack onto this the fact that no one has made the initiative to put together a gathering at all, and it looks as though we still might be that apathetic class that just doesn't care enough to make an effort.

And to be honest, I find that fact to be the most awesome of all.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 26

Adios second trimester! As of this Sunday, I'm officially in it to win it, with only one more trimester standing in my way. Many moms have told me that pregnancy dragged on for them, but I have to say (so far) it's flying by for me!

And you know, if we're nearing my third trimester, it means summer's almost here, so grab your suits everyone and let's kick it!

Musings on weekly photo: Are you covering your eyes and screaming "It's too much! Good god, it's too much!" Get it, grrrrl. Ladies and Gentlemen, I found the balls (because, as crazy as this is, I AM currently carrying a set of balls around) to do this simply because (1) I would have never, EVER posted a photo of myself in a bikini before I got pregnant and (2) I'm not sure if I'll be able to get away with a bikini post-pregnancy at all. Thus, feast your eyes on the beauty that is me scantily clad. Kyle gets to see this every day, lucky guy that he is.

Size of baby: Still hovering around the 2 pound mark, but continuing to put on fat. You go boy! Make yo mama proud.

Movement:  At this point, it'd be worrisome if BBS wasn't moving around (he is though!). However, the range of movement I can feel now is crazy. Kicking and punching, yes of course, but full on body twirling and rolling- it's insane. I think the only one I've yet to experience is baby hiccups.

Cravings: I may have sneaked a Nutter Butter milkshake yesterday after prenatal yoga. And it may have been the most delicious thing ever. Especially right after spending an hour treating my body as a temple.

Annoyance: Ok, so I'm still head over heels with the Snoogle, don't get me wrong. However, sleeping has become a "maybe it will happen tonight, maybe it won't" situation, and yes, I know I should stop complaining about it now because it WILL only get worse a couple months down the road.

Highlight of the week:  Tonight we're off to see one of my favorite bands, The Wombats, at The Casbah. Not only do I L-O-V-E- love their music, they hold a special place in my heart for a different reason as well. The night before I quit my job last year, I watched them play in West Hollywood, and it was a completely cathartic and joyous experience. A few of my favorite songs of theirs can be found here, here and here. Also, their most recent album, This Modern Glitch, is only $5 on Amazon right now. I highly recommend it.

Non-Highlight of the week: I think I'm starting to experience one of the dreaded side effects of pregnancy: edema. Did I scare you with that word? I meant to. It reminds me of all sorts of horrible pirate diseases and cures, like blood-letting with leeches and gout and shingles! It's ok, edema is just excessive swelling, but you should have seen my left foot compared to my right last night. It was frightening.

Fears: Cankles (see above non-highlight).

Nursery: I'm putting together an inspiration board for Baby Boy's nursery and hope to share it with you all before the end of the week. My only wishy washiness right now is the rug. I keep going back and forth between subtle and gray or colorful and fun. The texture makes a difference too because, one, you don't want it to be uncomfortable and two, you don't want it to shed.  

Additional Notes: Next Tuesday we'll be experiencing the first of our "baby classes" at Sharp Mary Birch, the hospital where Kyle and I will be meeting our son for the first time: Dogs and Babies. Apparently, we get a full diagnostic on our dog, which I am possibly most excited for due to the fact that Moe loves kids and that I've been dying for someone to tell me what's going on in my dog's brain anyway. I think my hopes may be a little high for one class.

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Making My Friday

A quick post about a few things making my Friday.

Dinner with awesome friends at new San Diego restaurant, Gabardine.

Great logo, am I right?

This informative article about pitbulls by the number. I LOVE things like this because I am constantly getting in arguments with people who hate the breed and back up their ignorance with made up facts. I love posting photos of my pitbull, Moe, so here's a favorite for you:

How could you say 'no' to this squishy face?

This wonderful First Fiesta Birthday Taco Party via 100 Layer Cake.

Olé, yes?! Maybe next year for Baby Boy's first birthday? Hahaha, I'm certainly getting ahead of myself, aren't I?

Speaking of which, today marks 100 days until his due date. WHOA. That happened quickly.

And speaking of whoa, it's been brought to my attention a few times in the last couple weeks, so I need to clear the air. A SERIOUS pet peeve of mine is when people spell 'whoa' as 'woah.' It's completely incorrect. There's only one correct spelling (and it's WHOA).

WHOA. Have an amazing weekend, everyone.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 25

This Wednesday straight up feels like a Thursday, and with my IQ down about 100 notches, you're lucky I managed to remember today is bump day!

Musings on weekly photo: Hello Badunka-dunk. While I will say I expected to explode much more than I have, my ass continues to impress me. I don't know whether to cheer it on or curse it. And yes, I know a few of them are blurry and ok, quite speckled from the camera's dirty lense, but I can't help include photos where my dog is standing guard behind me. He is so predictable, I swear.

Size of baby: Apparently BBS is nearing the two pound mark. Two pounds! He's also putting on fat now, so he's getting farther from looking like some creepy thin alien and getting closer to looking like a chubby wubby baby.

Movement:  As each week passes, I can feel him boogeying down more and more. I can't figure out if it's because he's bigger, moving more or both. I'm guessing both? I'm no baby doctor though, so don't take my word for it.

Cravings: You know I try to be honest with all five of my readers (note, the increase from three to five!), so here it is. Picture it: a run to Target for a few office supplies. Paying for said office supplies, what do my olfactory senses pick up? Oh, the smell of freshly popped popcorn. "Why not?" I say to myself, "Why not?" So I go to purchase a bag. And what should catch my eye but the Blue Raspberry Icee machine. Yup. Haven't had an Icee since I was 10 (no exaggeration) and let me tell you: it was delicious.

Annoyance: Heartburn, heartburn, you clever foe! I think my husband genuinely thinks I like the taste of tropical flavored Tums now since I reach for the container so often. This is a fallacy because have you ever tasted one yourself? It's like eating papaya flavored chalk (with none of the danger!). Either way, I keep thinking I've outsmarted this symptom until it begins to rear its ugly head. If I believe the old wives tale that lots of heartburn means lots of baby hair, then this child's going to come out looking like Michael Bolton circa 1988.

You're welcome.

Highlight of the week:  So many! Kyle's sweet goddaughter Charlotte was baptized on Sunday (a quick word about Charlotte: you know those babies that people talk about and always say are "SO EASY." This child is SO EASY everyone (and by easy, I mean as easy as a newborn child can be. Those suckers are hard work, even when they're "easy"). Honestly, if Baby S is half as mellow as she is, we're doing a-OK). Charlotte's mama gave me some maternity clothes to borrow, so my wardrobe is much less depressing than it was a week ago (thank you, Micaela!). Also, got to eat out quite a bit last week and this restaurant and this restaurant were both PHENOMENAL. Finally, book club is tonight and I can't wait (it's something I look forward to every month).

Non-Highlight of the week: In the vein of book club, I have to say that while I thoroughly enjoyed the first 300 pages of The Historian, the last 350 DRAGGED. I have never been so happy to bid farewell to a book at the library before in my life. To all the people I recommended it to pre-page 301, you have been warned.

Fears: Now that I'm 60% of the way done with this and almost 100 days out from giving birth, I have to say I am starting to get terrified of pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon. As you know, I try to avoid all biology lessons on this blog, so I will leave my annoying junior high comparison to pushing a child out of my vagina at that.

Nursery: Our crib and dresser came last week! We still have a ways to go, but it's two huge things to tick off the list and I've been trying to rub my remaining brain cells together to come up with a clever, fun nursery for Baby Boy (as if he'll care. Jeez, the kid will only be able to see black and white for the first 6 months of his life, apparently. I learned this over the weekend, in case you were wondering if this is a well known fact).

Additional Notes: California mamas: what do you put on the wall behind your baby's crib? With the fear of earthquakes, I'm obviously not going the "wall of glass and nails" route, but it seems like such a sad thing to leave blank. I've looked at some decals, and they're just a little too cutesy for my taste. Thoughts?

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!
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