Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 27

HELLO final trimester. There's a part of me that is giddy and horrified at the fact that I'm officially on the last stretch of pregnancy (where does the time go?!). Giddy because we are almost 12ish weeks out from meeting our son. Horrified because I can't imagine how much more pushing and pulling my skin can actually take.

Things are gettin' taut up in here!

Musings on weekly photo:  Ooooh, yoga clothes and a makeup-less face? You're suddenly feeling like we're back at Week 21, aren't you? I hope you really enjoy the dark circles on my eyes from the non-existent sleeping that's been happening. I have a feeling they're here to stay for a couple years, if not forever.

Size of baby: I think, based on my research, that at this point, BBS starts to put on about 6 ounces a week. Then, in the final two months, it's about 3/4-1 pound a week. I can't wait to give birth and be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. That happens immediately, right?

Movement:  Hiccups happened! I've been thinking about this since and I've realized that when it comes to recognizing what certain movements mean (kicking, Braxton Hicks, etc.), it's really about putting it into your own language or concept. Wow, I just reread that sentence and it makes no sense. For clarification: two days before I felt hiccups for "the first time" I read a passage where someone described hiccups as feeling like kicks, but with rhythm. Thus, I had an understanding of what that personally meant when I felt and recognized them as such... Anyone following my incoherence on this subject?

Cravings: Baskin Robbins ice cream. Baseball Nut is a particular fave. This is somewhat huge because during the summer of 2000, I worked at Baskin Robbins as a shift manager and haven't wanted it since. Do you know how horribly great it is to eat ice cream all summer? You'd be amazed at how much you can consume via those small pink tester spoons.

Annoyance: I think I have a cold and I am almost positive I caught it from a nice, but somewhat gross, Baskin Robbins employee (see above) who clearly was sick when I stopped in on Saturday. Instinct told me two things: to walk out and not have any ice cream or to ask her to wash her hands before scooping my treat. I ignored my own advice because, well, I was craving ice cream and didn't have the balls to make her feel like a leper. I am regretting my decision to stay silent. But I do not regret the ice cream!

Highlight of the week: I received an invite in the mail on Saturday... for my (and BBS') baby shower in Orange County next month. It is all sorts of glorious and I cannot thank my mom and sister enough for hosting it for me! Special kudos go out to Auntie Ginny for such a creative and delicious invitation.

Non-Highlight of the week: My dog's digestive system has been all sorts of wicked this week. Honestly, I'm not sure my olfactory senses have ever been subjected to anything quite like it before. And for those who've experienced "eau de Moe," that's really saying something.

Fears: Waiting until the last second to get the nursery pulled together, then being displeased with the result for having to rush it along. This is a recurring problem of mine.

Nursery: Are you wondering what happened to that nursery inspiration board I promised last week? It's still coming... things just take much longer these days. 

Additional Notes: Ok, I don't want to get everyone too excited about it, but the Dogs and Babies class at Sharp Mary Birch that I attended last night was AWESOME. I had been planning to do a review on it here, but honestly, it deserves its own post. Essentially, what they teach you is that both dogs and babies need to be "trained" in order to make sure everyone is copacetic and that the household dynamic remains a happy one. Stay tuned if you are a dog and baby lover like I am!

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!


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