Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 21

This morning I imagined one of the old school Chutes and Ladders boards and Kyle and I are certainly on the down slide. Probably the one that takes you from 86 to 14 in a matter of seconds. August seems so far away and so very close. The fact that we've passed the halfway point and are inching minute by minute to D-Day is exciting! And frightening! And surreal.

Pretty much all the buzz words I've used to describe pregnancy in general.

Onward tally ho to the photos!

Musings on weekly photo: Drew Barrymore's incredible roots are making me feel better about what I've got going on top of my head. It turns out I have ombré hair... who knew? Luckily, April happens to be the month of my birth and I am sending out good hair fairy vibes into the universe. Also, remember when I used to do my hair and put on nice clothes for these shots? Those days are clearly long gone, my friends. We're really getting to know each other, aren't we?

Size of baby: I think we're nearing the pound mark if we haven't already reached it. One book compared it to holding a one pound box of sugar, and the baby is apparently close to the size and weight of it. And yes, I may have just spoiled the baking section of grocery store for myself in conjunction with the produce department..

Movement: Baby Boy Sutherland is going to be a dancer. Or a martial arts fanatic. A football kicker maybe? Perhaps the next Billy Blanks. What I'm trying to say is he is a mover and a shaker and I can only hope all the 80's hits I subject him to during the day are helping him with his dance rhythm. We's gonna have ourselves some dance parties when he makes his debut and anyone's welcome to join!

Cravings: Week 2 without juice has proved less difficult than week 1; I feel like an addict weaning myself. One more day! Just one more day, man! I did pick up some whole grain crackers and Saint Andre cheese over the weekend and they have been the perfect midday snack.

Annoyance: I've come to face the fact that the days of sleeping on my back are over until August. However, sleeping on my side has not been easy; it turns out I do not snooze comfortably and have had fitful nights because of it. It's frustrating when you already feel sleep deprived and know that the REAL sleep deprivation is on its way. Baby Sutherland laughs that I am complaining about a lack of sleep ("I'll show you what sleep deprivation is, just you wait. MUAHAHAHA!" Apparently my baby is also an evil genius?)

Highlight of the week: Kyle felt BBS kick last night! It was a cool moment for both of us; I won't lie, I may have teared up a little (he definitely did not). I don't think I'll forget the look on his face and I should mention that this does not give free license to other family members to see if they can feel it as well (not now anyhow). He had to leave his hand on my stomach for a prolonged amount of time for some magic to happen. Either way, after it had happened, it made me want to shout "YAY, Sutherland Family!" because it's not just me and the little guy in one corner and Kyle in the other: it's all three of us together. 

Non-Highlight of the week: Kyle's grandma relaying to me that she can tell I've gained weight because my face looks fatter. Yeahhhh... old people say the darndest, sweetest things!

Fears: I shouldn't call this a fear (because it's not), but even though Lucie's List has been a HUGE help in figuring out all this baby gear business, I still have that thought in the back in my head that I am going to choose the wrong stroller or car seat or crib. AHHHHH! And then I start to worry if this is just me being neurotic or if every expectant mother has this anxiety. What's your take? Am I crazy or typical?*

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day, everyone!

* I reread this sentence about 12 hours after I'd first typed it and decided to put on my big girl panties and just make some decisions already (hat tip to Jenny, forever inspiring me to get a hold of myself). So I did! And now I'm strutting around kind of like this gal (at least until she realizes that she must do all... the things?).


  1. I lurked around yesterday waiting for a post..but a DOUBLE HEADER today (for me anyway)made my day. I like how you are carrying long- I have this odd little pooch (horrifically poor abs)Let's get together next week for Pho (I will bring $ and over tip) or perhaps another taste destination?

    1. Yeah, he's literally positioned the same way we are as humans (i.e. he's facing out and his legs are pointing the way our legs point). I feel like I'm rereading a drunk person's sentence. What did I just write?!

      And yes, let's do dinner! Kyle and I returned for pho a couple days later and left a good tip, so we don't have to go there if you don't want (although I'm always down for cheap pho).


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