Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 41

I'm guessing the cat's out of the bag... I'm no longer sporting a bump these days. Actually, I take it back. I'm sporting a hobbit like bulge that hints at too many beers, but I carry no baby around in it.

That's because Jack McKay Sutherland is finally here!

He was born at 11:55 pm on Thursday, August 9, and he is all sorts of wonderful. There's so much I want to share with all of you, his birth story, the challenges and joys thus far, however, it turns out I am not one of those bloggers that can maintain it after becoming a new mom.

Kudos to those of you who are; how do you do it? I can barely find time to eat and shower, let alone type on my computer.

Kyle goes back to work tomorrow, and at that point, I hope to be picking up where I let off pre-pregnancy (i.e. posting more than just once a week and good god, no more photos of me up in here!).  Ok, Jack's crying, my time here is done for the moment.

Over and out... xoxoxoxox.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 39

This has been a mind blowingly wonderful day. I stopped talking about BBS being breech a couple weeks ago, because he wasn't turning and the closer we got to this week, the more likely it appeared he would be born via c-section. It was scheduled for Friday morning, and I didn't want to share it with the entire world.

It took days and weeks for me to wrap my head around the possibility of a C. I had been prepping myself mentally for it and had made peace with the chances of it happening. That being said, I still held out hope he would flip.

And flip he did!

We confirmed it on the ultrasound this morning, so with the c-section officially cancelled, we can play the waiting game for real.

I mean, he's coming in the next two weeks, one way or another. Holy crap, I am actually going to be someone's mother.

On to my frightening photos!

Musings on weekly photo: While the last photo of this bunch is frightening, it's meant to convey my excitement that BBS did what he was told. Congratulations little one! Also, this was written yesterday (and the photos were taken as well), however, iPhoto crashed... thus, a late posting.

Size of baby: They say he's the size of a small watermelon. It's weird, because sometimes, it feels like I'm carrying a 20 pound bowling ball, and other times, it's as though I'm still my pre-pregnancy weight. Even this far in the game, I still occasionally forget I'm having a baby.

Movement: Clearly, the only movement I'm concerned about is the movement he's made in the right direction. I'm ever so proud of him. I know it wasn't easy.

Cravings: With this stagnant and oppressive heat, water, water, water has been the bee's knees for me.

Annoyance: It's still the buckets of sweat I produce daily.

Highlight of the week: Cancelling our c-section this morning was the highlight, although an afternoon at the races with Kyle (that included a chili cook-off, a lot of bad predictions, and a free Cake concert), comes in second place. Oh, and you saw that the nursery is officially DONE, right?

Non-Highlight of the week: I'm drawing a blank here... which is a great thing!

Fears: This isn't really a fear, but I had mentally accepted that I was having a c-section, so now going back to having a baby naturally is a bit of a challenge.

Nursery: Like I mentioned, DONE!

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Room for Baby

I think there are some skeptics out there who thought this post wouldn't happen. Alas, the nursery is officially complete! At least, it is for me. If you think there's something missing in this room, by all means, keep it to yourself.

My hormones are such that if you said anything negative about this room I WOULD track you down and I would break your knee caps.

There are a couple things about Baby Boy's room I would like to mention.

One, I'm not a person who loves super matchy things. By the photos below, I'm pretty sure you've deduced this. Don't get me wrong; I love a well curated room. However, I enjoy spaces that are interesting and fun to be in. I've had the luck of knowing people who have an eye for what unexpectedly looks good together, people who know how to pair items that others wouldn't and I like to think (hope? Pray?!) that some of their natural skill has rubbed off on me. Please note, I am by no means saying I am a talented interior decorator.

Two, I do not have a favorite color, but I'll tell ya what I don't like: pink for girls and blue for boys. Maybe I should rescind that statement; what I mean to say is color is color and it should be celebrated, gender be damned! Yellow is such a happy color, and when plopped next to gray and white, I feel you can't go wrong.

Three, this room would not nearly look as good as it does if it weren't for our generous family and friends... y'all rock.

Most of these images are repetitive, but I'm not a photographer, nor do I claim to be, so it was the best I could do to provide you with a full "feel" of the layout.

I plan on posting links to some of the items that are available online, but won't have a chance to until tomorrow. Let me know if something catches your eye and I'll let you  know where I found it!

PS Moe loves the rug the most.

Awesome Animals
Woven Baskets
Lamb Chair
Changing Topper

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 38

Oh, Bump Day was supposed to be yesterday? I literally forgot until about 7pm last night that it was even Wednesday... and this was certainly not going to happen at that hour!

Truth be told, my life kind of feels like this these days: I have all the time in the world and no time at all. My mom put it perfectly when she said you feel like a fat hen sitting around, hanging out and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Photo fun? Shall we? Dare we? DO IT!

Musings on weekly photo: I hope you're soaking this all in, because there is a time limit for this gorgeousness. A short time limit of showstopping belly love.

Size of baby: I'm hoping he's at least at the 7.5 pound mark, but we shall see. He loves stretching his long legs out on my right side and putting his (what are sure to be the ugliest cute) feet all bundled up.

Movement: He started moving when I put on dance music this afternoon; thank goodness he is agreeable to the boogeyman in him.

Cravings: My trip to the farmer's market, as well as a generous box of produce from Kyle's grandparents' garden, quelled any tomato and stone fruit cravings I may have had last week. I am still trying to down them as quickly as I can before they go bad.

Annoyance: I sweat like a linebacker in the Texas heat. Like a whore in church, if you will.

Highlight of the week: Pretty much any one on one time with Kyle is appreciated wholeheartedly these days. I know it has an expiration date on it and I am trying to get my fill before we are forever a threesome.

Non-Highlight of the week: Cleaning has become one of those things that I MUST DO, but physically exhausts me. Not to the point of sleeping well at night, but what can you do?

Fears: No fears this week, folks.

Nursery: All we have to do is hang our pictures and some curtains and we're done! Nursery photos coming soon.

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!
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