Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Room for Baby

I think there are some skeptics out there who thought this post wouldn't happen. Alas, the nursery is officially complete! At least, it is for me. If you think there's something missing in this room, by all means, keep it to yourself.

My hormones are such that if you said anything negative about this room I WOULD track you down and I would break your knee caps.

There are a couple things about Baby Boy's room I would like to mention.

One, I'm not a person who loves super matchy things. By the photos below, I'm pretty sure you've deduced this. Don't get me wrong; I love a well curated room. However, I enjoy spaces that are interesting and fun to be in. I've had the luck of knowing people who have an eye for what unexpectedly looks good together, people who know how to pair items that others wouldn't and I like to think (hope? Pray?!) that some of their natural skill has rubbed off on me. Please note, I am by no means saying I am a talented interior decorator.

Two, I do not have a favorite color, but I'll tell ya what I don't like: pink for girls and blue for boys. Maybe I should rescind that statement; what I mean to say is color is color and it should be celebrated, gender be damned! Yellow is such a happy color, and when plopped next to gray and white, I feel you can't go wrong.

Three, this room would not nearly look as good as it does if it weren't for our generous family and friends... y'all rock.

Most of these images are repetitive, but I'm not a photographer, nor do I claim to be, so it was the best I could do to provide you with a full "feel" of the layout.

I plan on posting links to some of the items that are available online, but won't have a chance to until tomorrow. Let me know if something catches your eye and I'll let you  know where I found it!

PS Moe loves the rug the most.

Awesome Animals
Woven Baskets
Lamb Chair
Changing Topper


  1. It is SO CUTE!! I love the art work and the love you night light. So it's officially official, you're ready for BBS!!

    PS-Hudson can't wait to have a playdate in that snazzy room!

    1. Hudson is welcome over any time! We're gonna need some cool little boys to show him the ropes, and some cool moms for me to hang out with!

  2. I <3 it!!! Great job, the li'l man will be happy in his space... It looks naturally fabulous :)

    1. Thanks Ashlee! I thought of you when I was taking the shots of Moe on the rug :)

  3. I've been waiting for this post! You did a PERFECT job, Elizabeth! It's absolutely adorable!! I can't even pick my favorite piece because I think it all just goes together just perfectly. Now BBS just needs to get here so he can start enjoying mommy's hard work! Hope you're feeling well here in the home stretch. XOXO

    1. Gracias amiga! Everyone's reactions have been wonderfully positive. I have to admit, I've tried to stay upbeat about any annoyances/symptoms that have been happening as we get down to the wire, and I think staying positive really helps! It's not nearly as bad as I was expecting (although I will say being this pregnant in the summer was not a great call on my part ;) ). Hope everything is going smoothly with you and your little girl! xoxo back atcha.

  4. Elizabeth, it is SO awesome!!! Lisa did Gray/white/yellow for Oliver's nursery and we think it is the perfect color scheme. Well done! What a lucky little boy!!!

    1. Thanks Ali! I am so thrilled with how it came together (you never know when you embark on these journeys).


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