Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 33

Here we are, just a couple of young crazy kids, whiling away the afternoon and enjoying summer.

Oh wait, forgot, those are the lucky bastards that are under the age of 22. I, meanwhile, am sitting at my computer, wishing I had spent $2 in Chinatown at some point on a flyswatter to kill all the damn flies buzzing in my house. A special shout out to the crazy cat lady who lived here before we did; your frisky felines sure managed to leave perfect sized holes in the screens on our windows! Well done, Madam, well done.

They are driving. me. insane. They're driving Moe insane, too; I've never seen this dog so crazy intrigued by insects before.

I feel like there's much ground to cover this week, so on to the photos!

Musings on weekly photo: This stopped being a fashion show a long time ago, didn't it? I received an email this morning (from yet another baby website) titled, "Puffy Cheeks?" The creative author asked if we had recently started looking like chipmunks storing up for winter. I've always had a roundness of the face that suggests perfection for hibernation, so the added bloat that's begun is especially pleasant and cute.

Size of baby: According to all the emails I get each week updating me on my son's progress, he's grown a full inch this week alone! Don't ask me how they determine that generalized "milestone." I have no clue. I'm pretty sure it puts him at the 19-20 inch mark and almost 5 pounds. We'll get a better estimate next week at our last ultrasound, which seemed so far off at his gender reveal.

Movement: Whether or not he's actually grown a full inch this week, it certainly feels that way... Boyfriend is wiggling all over the place like only a future Sutherland male child could, and I think his head has officially begun it's grand trip south for the winter.  

Cravings: I haven't been craving all that much, but I will say I could go for a bowl of cookie dough right now. Oatmeal chocolate chip, naturally.  

Annoyance: I think I may have totally blown it this past weekend. I was asked at the pool of the hotel we were staying in (by one of Orange County's biggest d-bags, to paint a picture), if I felt weightless in water. I told him I wasn't feeling all that heavy yet, and there friends, right there, is where I made my mistake. Two days later, I felt like I'd gained 100 pounds, which is why I think BBS is starting to drop the way he's supposed to. Waddling like Donald Duck is what I do best now. 

Highlight of the week: Definitely, hands down, our Palm Springs getaway to The Parker. It was all kinds of relaxing, and I cannot recommend that property enough. Also, we had a delicious meal at a restaurant in downtown called Johanne's. While the idea of Austrian/Asian fusion cuisine is probably throwing you, every dish we had was unique and tasty in the extreme.  

Non-Highlight of the week: I had a bummer non-highlight this week: the biggest social media account I'm currently working on overextended their summer budget and pulled the plug until September. Granted, I was going to be done for a while as of August, but it has certainly shifted a few things for me. Oh well. When life hands you lemons, make lemon drops. Or drink some lemonade and save the vodka for August. But if Grandpa Don hands you oranges, you are not, strictly NOT, allowed to make cocktails with them. They are for eating only.  

Fears: Too many to count, not enough to list... I feel fear is an ever-present, always ignored thing when you're about to birth a human into the world. 

Nursery: Things are not looking as bad as last week, but we are certainly pushing its debut to the last minute. We've set aside next weekend to really whip it into shape. I'm hoping I'll be able to share photos before BBS is residing there. 

Additional Notes: I am off to Napa this weekend for my second shower, hosted lovingly by my aunts, Judy and Margie. I cannot wait to: see my family, road trip with my sister, hang out in Calistoga, lounge by a pool with some of my best friends, and try to soak up every ounce of enjoyment this summer has to offer before my world is consumed by baby, diapers and no sleep. You know, kids' stuff.

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 32

Happy first day of summer, everyone, and happy anniversary to my husband and me! Three years ago we figuratively "jumped the broom," and after having spent almost a decade together, I have to say the last three have been the most interesting and adventure filled yet.

I mean, adding a baby into the mix couldn't make it any MORE interesting, right?

On to the photos, which get more difficult to shoot with each week that progresses.

Musings on weekly photo: I took these hastily after a walk with my dog... no judgement! Also, hallelujah for stretch fabric.

Size of baby: Right around four pounds and probably between 18 and 19 inches. We have our last ultrasound scheduled for July 3 (which, of course, can't come fast enough), and our doctor will predict his size at birth at this appointment. I'm putting my money at the over 8 pound mark, but we'll obviously have to wait until August to see if I'm right!

Movement: BBS kicked for his Auntie Lindsay this week, which I believe makes her the second person to feel a kick and the fifth person to feel movement. He has a tendency to stop moving the second anyone turns their attention to his activity, so I was pretty happy she got to experience it.

Cravings: We received a Vitamix this past weekend from my awesome in-laws at my phenomenal baby shower, and I have officially broken it in with this green smoothie. It is uber-healthy, uber-delicious and I can only imagine that baby boy loves it as much as his mama!

Annoyance: The usual suspects, naturally: sleeplessness, heartburn, and when I actually fall asleep, waking up sore all over. We've entered fun territory, let me tell you.

Highlight of the week: The shower was the definite highlight of my week. Seeing some people I haven't in years, enjoying the company of my friends and family and celebrating my baby was beyond a good time.

Non-Highlight of the week: I... don't think I have one? Oh, there's a person who owns a red Jeep who keeps parking where I normally park, and while it's technically not "my spot," I've come to see it as such. So I curse the red car every time I see it. I realize this is an appropriate spot to mention we bought a new car a couple weeks ago, but I completely forgot to say so when it would have been relevant (you know, for the HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK section). It's a silver Toyota Rav4 and I love it quite a bit.

Fears: Oh golly gosh, I'm good for right now. No fears this week, folks!

Nursery: The nursery looks like a bomb went off, mainly due to all the amazingly generous gifts we received on Saturday. This baby is already spoiled and well loved, let me tell you.

Additional Notes: We are off to Palm Springs this weekend to celebrate our anniversary and relish in one last vacation that's just the two of us (I think they've been known to call them "babymoons" in some circles). I plan on floating around like a beached whale in the pool at our hotel and eating great Mexican food. I also feel this is a good time to mention I had a dream last night involving dinner with Kareem Abdul Jabar. Que interesante...

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Whimsical Roald Dahl Baby Shower

This weekend kicked off the first of three baby showers for yours truly. Don't judge! I have family and friends in both northern and southern California, and the majority of Kyle's family are in San Diego. Thus, three.

And boy, oh boy, was it a surreal blast. I can't exactly describe the feeling of opening gifts for your unborn child, but it makes things a tad more real imagining an actual person using them. A person. I'm creating a person. Still coming to grips with that, apparently.

My sister and mom hosted, and from the invites to the decor right down to the attractive servers in matching outfits (hat tip to Ginny on that one), they went above and beyond anything I ever could have imagined.

It was overwhelming to see how many people already love my son and it makes my heart burst. Just a little, anyhow.

If you've ever read any of Roald Dahl's books, you know color is truly the only way to go.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bags for...
... a Willy Wonka inspired candy bar.
These adorable cups were for the watermelon basil lemonade (made by yours truly).
BBS is definitely loved.
Guests received "Bun in the Oven" candles and Butter of London nail polish in "Yummy Mummy."
Colorful flower arrangements.

The Mimosa Station. Three different juices, three different berries, two different hunks. ;)

At the end of the day, it was a lovely afternoon spent surrounded by women I love and admire.

Does it get any better than that?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 31

Another week, another post. Thank god I've made a habit of putting these up each week; this blog might be devoid of any current content whatsoever if I didn't.

Yesterday was the official "two months out" point. I know how quickly it's going to fly by, but I've decided I need to start tackling things or I'm going to have a major freakout. Like a "no more wire hangers" kind of freakout. Lists have a way of being by friend (most of the time), so I think after I'm done taking care of this, I'll turn my attentions to creating one.

Do we... dare move onto the bump photos?

Musings on weekly photo: This is one of the remaining shirts left in my repertoire from pre-pregnancy. I like to think the stripes make it look like I've gained a ton of weight, but you'd be wrong. I look like I've gained a ton of weight because I have! Thus, I had to include the bare belly shot. I feel it gives a better assessment of what 7.5 months pregnant looks like.

Size of baby: 3.5 pounds and 18 inches, Bébé! Size wise, the sites are comparing him to a pineapple, but I have yet to find an almost 4 pound pineapple in my life; how about you?

Movement: Hiccups, wiggles, flips, twirls. Senor Sutherland appears to be following in his father's hyperactive footsteps, even from the womb. It makes me hope he won't be getting into any major oops moments like these (which are HILARIOUS, yes?).

Cravings: I'm not sure I would call this a craving, but I have been thoroughly enjoying my homemade pico de gallo. The recipe is fairly simple and the flavors make my heart and palette sing (for the record, it's cherry or pearl tomatoes (they're the only tomatoes I'll cook with before tomato season in the summer), diced red onion, cilantro, lots of lime and lemon juice, and salt). 

Annoyance: Sleeplessness. Heartburn. You know, the usual.

Highlight of the week: Ivory Sparrow did our first ever inspiration shoot on Saturday, and it went off beautifully! I can't wait to see the photos via our photographer, Kimberly Hernandez, but until then, enjoy this sneak peak of our table setting: 
Coming up this weekend is a Roald Dahl themed baby shower hosted by my mom and sister. I can't wait to see how it all comes together because they have busted their booties working on it! Also, I'm excited to see all the people with whom I'll be spending the afternoon; they are some of my favorites.

Non-Highlight of the week: It turns out they weren't lying when they said pregnant women should take it easy- I pushed it WAY too hard at the photo shoot on Saturday, and paid for it all Sunday. It was by far the worst day of my pregnancy, which unfortunately coincided with Kyle's birthday. Foolish, foolish lump of a girl!

Fears: I'm trying to change my attitude about childbirth and coming at it from a "bring it on" perspective now (as opposed to "If I believe hard enough, he will magically appear" way of thinking). Having said that, I'm afraid of not getting everything done before August 12. I think it will be a fear that hangs around until D-Day, which as I mentioned, I think is actually going to be August 18.

Nursery: Let's just remain hopeful, shall we?

Additional Notes: Kyle had a dream this week where he wrapped our baby in a breakfast burrito. It doesn't get much better than that. It truly doesn't get much better than that.

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

At the Red House

My mom's internet recommendations are usually hit or miss.

Thank you, Mom, for this GLORIOUS recommendation.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 30 (Seriously?! Week 30?!)

Yes, it's true. There's "officially" only 10 weeks to go. How did that happen? I have this song playing through my head as I type this, and I may find myself, with a beautiful house and a beautiful wife, and I may ask myself, how did I get here?


Me too.

As of next week, we are in the single digit week countdown (full disclosure, we kind of already are, but what can you do?).

Musings on weekly photo: Remember when I told you guys I'm afraid of facial swelling? We've entered that territory. I fear for the size of my nose by the time this baby makes his debut. Oh, and this full ensemble is courtesy of the Gap Memorial Day 40% Off Sale I was telling you guys about last week.

Size of baby: At this point, he's probably passed the three pound mark and is now being compared to members of the squash family size-wise. I receive pretty much every weekly "baby update" that the expecting websites can muster, and it's as if they're determined to not use the same fruit or vegetable. "Oh, so is using butternut squash as a comparison? Nevah! 'Tis the size of an acorn squash, it 'tis." Apparently, in my brain, the authors of these websites are Victorian gentlemen.

Movement: Yup, still moving like crazy. It's a strange sight to watch your abdomen sway from one direction to another while you're sitting still on the couch. I know many women say they miss this, but I'm... not sure I will? Don't get me wrong; it's all kinds of cool and reassuring, but I'm getting to the point where I'm excited to have my body back just for me.

Cravings: Do yourself a favor and make Marcela Hazan's bolognese recipe. I made a huge pot of it Saturday night and finally reached the end of my leftovers today. It is all kinds of delicious.

Annoyance: No annoyances this week, folks! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Highlight of the week: Too many. (1) Our friends came down and ran the Rock N Roll Marathon on Sunday (CONGRATULATIONS Jenny and Trav!!!!). Thus, we had 3 straight days of them (very satisfying) and had the honor of watching them complete an impressive feat. 26.2 miles is a LONG distance to run, amigos. (2) I got a prenatal massage at Equilibrio in San Diego yesterday. If you're pregnant and live down here, I highly recommend them! They're incredibly knowledgeable and I had a fantastic time relaxing. (3) Birth Preparation Class begins tonight... I'm excited either way, even if it ends up being a tad frightening. (4) Kyle's birthday is this weekend, as is a photo shoot for Ivory Sparrow. (5) OH! And I almost left out a huge one: Brittney of Our Poverty with a View fame had her baby on Sunday! Hudson James was born at 9 pounds 9 ounces and is one damn cute baby. Hooray Brittney and Matt, and welcome to the world, Hudson!

Non-Highlight of the week: With that many highlights, how do you have a non-highlight? Oh, Kyle spilled hot tea on my second degree sunburn Sunday. Thanks for that, babe.

Fears: I watched a ton of scary movies growing up, but I won't lie: I'm a little afraid of the birth videos we may or may not encounter at class tonight.

Nursery: I'm happy to report that everything looks EXACTLY the same as last week. Read: not at all like a nursery should.

Additional Notes: Question for all you mamas/expectant mamas: Facebook... Does having a child affect your comfort level to how visible your profiles are? I'm feeling a major "friend" purge coming on. Kyle and I talked about it over the weekend, and I think we are barely going to put any pics of Mr. Man up when he's born, if any. What's your take on the whole sitch?

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!
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