Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 30 (Seriously?! Week 30?!)

Yes, it's true. There's "officially" only 10 weeks to go. How did that happen? I have this song playing through my head as I type this, and I may find myself, with a beautiful house and a beautiful wife, and I may ask myself, how did I get here?


Me too.

As of next week, we are in the single digit week countdown (full disclosure, we kind of already are, but what can you do?).

Musings on weekly photo: Remember when I told you guys I'm afraid of facial swelling? We've entered that territory. I fear for the size of my nose by the time this baby makes his debut. Oh, and this full ensemble is courtesy of the Gap Memorial Day 40% Off Sale I was telling you guys about last week.

Size of baby: At this point, he's probably passed the three pound mark and is now being compared to members of the squash family size-wise. I receive pretty much every weekly "baby update" that the expecting websites can muster, and it's as if they're determined to not use the same fruit or vegetable. "Oh, so is using butternut squash as a comparison? Nevah! 'Tis the size of an acorn squash, it 'tis." Apparently, in my brain, the authors of these websites are Victorian gentlemen.

Movement: Yup, still moving like crazy. It's a strange sight to watch your abdomen sway from one direction to another while you're sitting still on the couch. I know many women say they miss this, but I'm... not sure I will? Don't get me wrong; it's all kinds of cool and reassuring, but I'm getting to the point where I'm excited to have my body back just for me.

Cravings: Do yourself a favor and make Marcela Hazan's bolognese recipe. I made a huge pot of it Saturday night and finally reached the end of my leftovers today. It is all kinds of delicious.

Annoyance: No annoyances this week, folks! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Highlight of the week: Too many. (1) Our friends came down and ran the Rock N Roll Marathon on Sunday (CONGRATULATIONS Jenny and Trav!!!!). Thus, we had 3 straight days of them (very satisfying) and had the honor of watching them complete an impressive feat. 26.2 miles is a LONG distance to run, amigos. (2) I got a prenatal massage at Equilibrio in San Diego yesterday. If you're pregnant and live down here, I highly recommend them! They're incredibly knowledgeable and I had a fantastic time relaxing. (3) Birth Preparation Class begins tonight... I'm excited either way, even if it ends up being a tad frightening. (4) Kyle's birthday is this weekend, as is a photo shoot for Ivory Sparrow. (5) OH! And I almost left out a huge one: Brittney of Our Poverty with a View fame had her baby on Sunday! Hudson James was born at 9 pounds 9 ounces and is one damn cute baby. Hooray Brittney and Matt, and welcome to the world, Hudson!

Non-Highlight of the week: With that many highlights, how do you have a non-highlight? Oh, Kyle spilled hot tea on my second degree sunburn Sunday. Thanks for that, babe.

Fears: I watched a ton of scary movies growing up, but I won't lie: I'm a little afraid of the birth videos we may or may not encounter at class tonight.

Nursery: I'm happy to report that everything looks EXACTLY the same as last week. Read: not at all like a nursery should.

Additional Notes: Question for all you mamas/expectant mamas: Facebook... Does having a child affect your comfort level to how visible your profiles are? I'm feeling a major "friend" purge coming on. Kyle and I talked about it over the weekend, and I think we are barely going to put any pics of Mr. Man up when he's born, if any. What's your take on the whole sitch?

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!


  1. LOoking good mama!!!!

    I did a major Facebook felt good. :) Also, you can have albums for share and select the people you want to see them. Just a thought :)

    1. Thanks chica! I'll take all the encouragement I can get!

      And thanks for your tips about Facebook. It's crazy to me that I worry about this kind of stuff and I create content for Facebook for a living.


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