Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 31

Another week, another post. Thank god I've made a habit of putting these up each week; this blog might be devoid of any current content whatsoever if I didn't.

Yesterday was the official "two months out" point. I know how quickly it's going to fly by, but I've decided I need to start tackling things or I'm going to have a major freakout. Like a "no more wire hangers" kind of freakout. Lists have a way of being by friend (most of the time), so I think after I'm done taking care of this, I'll turn my attentions to creating one.

Do we... dare move onto the bump photos?

Musings on weekly photo: This is one of the remaining shirts left in my repertoire from pre-pregnancy. I like to think the stripes make it look like I've gained a ton of weight, but you'd be wrong. I look like I've gained a ton of weight because I have! Thus, I had to include the bare belly shot. I feel it gives a better assessment of what 7.5 months pregnant looks like.

Size of baby: 3.5 pounds and 18 inches, Bébé! Size wise, the sites are comparing him to a pineapple, but I have yet to find an almost 4 pound pineapple in my life; how about you?

Movement: Hiccups, wiggles, flips, twirls. Senor Sutherland appears to be following in his father's hyperactive footsteps, even from the womb. It makes me hope he won't be getting into any major oops moments like these (which are HILARIOUS, yes?).

Cravings: I'm not sure I would call this a craving, but I have been thoroughly enjoying my homemade pico de gallo. The recipe is fairly simple and the flavors make my heart and palette sing (for the record, it's cherry or pearl tomatoes (they're the only tomatoes I'll cook with before tomato season in the summer), diced red onion, cilantro, lots of lime and lemon juice, and salt). 

Annoyance: Sleeplessness. Heartburn. You know, the usual.

Highlight of the week: Ivory Sparrow did our first ever inspiration shoot on Saturday, and it went off beautifully! I can't wait to see the photos via our photographer, Kimberly Hernandez, but until then, enjoy this sneak peak of our table setting: 
Coming up this weekend is a Roald Dahl themed baby shower hosted by my mom and sister. I can't wait to see how it all comes together because they have busted their booties working on it! Also, I'm excited to see all the people with whom I'll be spending the afternoon; they are some of my favorites.

Non-Highlight of the week: It turns out they weren't lying when they said pregnant women should take it easy- I pushed it WAY too hard at the photo shoot on Saturday, and paid for it all Sunday. It was by far the worst day of my pregnancy, which unfortunately coincided with Kyle's birthday. Foolish, foolish lump of a girl!

Fears: I'm trying to change my attitude about childbirth and coming at it from a "bring it on" perspective now (as opposed to "If I believe hard enough, he will magically appear" way of thinking). Having said that, I'm afraid of not getting everything done before August 12. I think it will be a fear that hangs around until D-Day, which as I mentioned, I think is actually going to be August 18.

Nursery: Let's just remain hopeful, shall we?

Additional Notes: Kyle had a dream this week where he wrapped our baby in a breakfast burrito. It doesn't get much better than that. It truly doesn't get much better than that.

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!


  1. Moe isn't in any of the pictures :)

    1. What up with that?! He was actually in the first couple I shot, but they turned out a tad blurry.

  2. You have such a cute bump! Makes me miss mine ;)

    1. But you have such a cute baby! Much better than a bump ;)


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