Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 39

This has been a mind blowingly wonderful day. I stopped talking about BBS being breech a couple weeks ago, because he wasn't turning and the closer we got to this week, the more likely it appeared he would be born via c-section. It was scheduled for Friday morning, and I didn't want to share it with the entire world.

It took days and weeks for me to wrap my head around the possibility of a C. I had been prepping myself mentally for it and had made peace with the chances of it happening. That being said, I still held out hope he would flip.

And flip he did!

We confirmed it on the ultrasound this morning, so with the c-section officially cancelled, we can play the waiting game for real.

I mean, he's coming in the next two weeks, one way or another. Holy crap, I am actually going to be someone's mother.

On to my frightening photos!

Musings on weekly photo: While the last photo of this bunch is frightening, it's meant to convey my excitement that BBS did what he was told. Congratulations little one! Also, this was written yesterday (and the photos were taken as well), however, iPhoto crashed... thus, a late posting.

Size of baby: They say he's the size of a small watermelon. It's weird, because sometimes, it feels like I'm carrying a 20 pound bowling ball, and other times, it's as though I'm still my pre-pregnancy weight. Even this far in the game, I still occasionally forget I'm having a baby.

Movement: Clearly, the only movement I'm concerned about is the movement he's made in the right direction. I'm ever so proud of him. I know it wasn't easy.

Cravings: With this stagnant and oppressive heat, water, water, water has been the bee's knees for me.

Annoyance: It's still the buckets of sweat I produce daily.

Highlight of the week: Cancelling our c-section this morning was the highlight, although an afternoon at the races with Kyle (that included a chili cook-off, a lot of bad predictions, and a free Cake concert), comes in second place. Oh, and you saw that the nursery is officially DONE, right?

Non-Highlight of the week: I'm drawing a blank here... which is a great thing!

Fears: This isn't really a fear, but I had mentally accepted that I was having a c-section, so now going back to having a baby naturally is a bit of a challenge.

Nursery: Like I mentioned, DONE!

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!


  1. You're so close!!! So happy that he turned!

    xo, Emily

  2. YAY!! So glad he flipped. Now the waiting game begins!

  3. As you haven't posted for a while I'm assuming your little bundle of joy has arrived! Hope the labour went well and you're enjoying motherhood so far!


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