Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 24

I feel I should say something about 24, as it is, in fact, my favorite number. It's always brought me luck you see, and so I feel it only fate that the 24th week of my pregnancy would happen the same week as my birthday (on April 24, no less!). If you'll remember back to week 18 when I was taking bets on the sex/birth date of Baby Boy, I chose August 24. However, I think I am going to lose... I have a feeling it's going to be the high teens. We shall see...

Onto the photos!

Musings on weekly photo: I feel I need to point out that photos #3 and #4 are meant to represent my relationship with the mirror these days. Sometimes (especially in dark, monotone clothing), I will look at myself and completely forget I'm pregnant. Until I turn to the side. And then it all comes flooding back. I am constantly shocked by how I look. It doesn't become a familiar sight, even as time passes.

Size of baby: It's all guessing at this point, however, FACT: he's putting on around 4 ounces a week now. That's a pound a month, which is crazy. What's even scarier is that I'll reach a point where he'll pack on a pound a week, which is a lot of stretchy skin, let me tell you.

Movement:  Here's another little unknown fact (ok, maybe this falls into the "things Elizabeth doesn't know that the rest of the world does" category): babies in utero can be startled. A sudden, loud sound can actually make them react. I pointed this out to Kyle last night while we were reading in bed, and he gave a half-hearted attempt to see if he'd kick by shouting "HellO!" Our experiment failed, but it was cute to see Kyle struggle with his inner troublemaker and soon-to-be father role.

Cravings: I don't know if I'd call this a craving, but coconut water and pregnancy are a must! Did I tell you last week I've been going to prenatal yoga? Anyway, one of the ladies in my class was talking about how she's been having horrible leg cramps, and one of the women suggested she drink some coconut water. Ummm, sheer brilliance! Three times the potassium of a banana without the uh, err, plugging up effects? I went and stocked up on this at Costco and it has been a true delight.

Annoyance: DAMN YOU, pregnancy induced acne! I tell ya, I am strict about washing and moisturizing my face. I've decided, however, my hormones find this to be a quaint habit. I feel they almost take my attempts at keeping my skin clear to be a challenge. "OH! So she wants less zits, does she. She wants NO zits?! We'll show her. Yup, you clog her nose. You're in charge of the chin, and please make sure to manifest a monstrosity right around her left eyebrow."

Highlight of the week:  There were quite a few highlights this week. My girls weekend with Ginny and Brittany was off the chain in that it was relaxing, filled with good laughs and delicious food. I cherish those gals and my time with them. Yesterday, I turned 28 and was non-wined and dined by my handsome hubs. I even busted out a somewhat sexy dress, and we got a kick out of watching people look at my bare, long legs than seeing my stomach and watching their eyes bulge out of their heads. It's in the little things, folks.

Non-Highlight of the week: There are a couple non-highlights I feel I must divulge. Firstly, the dreaded glucose test was disgusting, but bearable. Imagine drinking the Sprite syrup that they pump into fountain machines minus any watering down with sparkling seltzer. Oh, and belching it up for 3 hours is a lemon lime dream, let me tell you. Secondly, I sat next to a hardcore smoker in yoga yesterday. PRENATAL yoga. As my friend Matt pointed out, maybe she was taking the yoga to counterbalance the effects of smoking? I wanted to snatch the woman's purse and throw out the carton of cigs I know she had stashed in there, but then I realized I don't make a getaway quite as fast as I used to and ummm, who am I to judge her decisions as a pregnant woman...? Seriously though, I hope she's able to kick the habit soon for the sake of her baby (and her own health).

Fears: I am saying it here and then I am throwing out good vibes into the universe: I fear that Moe's leg issues are not the end of his health problems for the next, oh, 10 years. He is MORE than worth the cost, but I'm hoping the cells that make up his body take a break on him and our bank accounts while we do this whole "becoming parents thing." It would be awesome, Moe's Body. Seriously awesome.

Nursery: I have been nesting up a storm, y'all! Honestly, I have to put a little time in each day or I start to freak out a bit, but it has been so nice to find places for things and figure out what we're going to need to get rid of. Speaking of which, anyone want a white Pottery Barn style desk in the San Diego area? I give it to you real cheap, promise.

Additional Notes: Believe the rumors: pregnancy brain is real. In fact, I may have already mentioned this, but since I can remember jack-shit these days, I'll go ahead and write about it like I haven't. Thoughts fly out of my head the second I have them. Forget about making a cohesive argument; I normally forget what we're arguing about a minute or two in.

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!

(The crib just came! The crib just came! It appears I've turned into one of "those" people, but I don't give a damn. I'm excited! For the record, Moe did in fact scare the crap out of the delivery men, poor old lugs)


  1. Looking so cute! I am totally stocking up on the coconut water this weekend! Random tip on the acne- use 1 part raw apple cider vinegar, 3 parts water. It works like a dream (even if it smells like salad dressing)!

    1. I am trying this out pronto! Does it keep, or do you have to make a new one every time you use it? The cheap ass in me is wondering what the economics of it all are.

    2. I bought a 3 ounce bottle and mixed it up. I just squirt what I need on a cotton ball and refill when it's empty!

  2. I look forward to Wednesdays because of this! You crack me up, and I love that I'm just a few weeks behind you so I have a little foreshadowing of what's to come. You're adorable, by the way, and so is that crib! Must know -- where's it from?

    1. Full disclosure: the crib is from Pottery Barn Kids. My mom and sister surprised me with it, and honestly, I didn't think it was in the cards for us because of the price tag. HOWEVER, having said that (and I hate giving a plug for Walmart because I avoid that place like the plague) the Baby Mod cribs at Walmart get AWESOME reviews in blog land, on their site... pretty much everywhere I looked. How are things progressing for you so far? So excited for you!


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