Friday, May 4, 2012

Making My Friday

A quick post about a few things making my Friday.

Dinner with awesome friends at new San Diego restaurant, Gabardine.

Great logo, am I right?

This informative article about pitbulls by the number. I LOVE things like this because I am constantly getting in arguments with people who hate the breed and back up their ignorance with made up facts. I love posting photos of my pitbull, Moe, so here's a favorite for you:

How could you say 'no' to this squishy face?

This wonderful First Fiesta Birthday Taco Party via 100 Layer Cake.

Olé, yes?! Maybe next year for Baby Boy's first birthday? Hahaha, I'm certainly getting ahead of myself, aren't I?

Speaking of which, today marks 100 days until his due date. WHOA. That happened quickly.

And speaking of whoa, it's been brought to my attention a few times in the last couple weeks, so I need to clear the air. A SERIOUS pet peeve of mine is when people spell 'whoa' as 'woah.' It's completely incorrect. There's only one correct spelling (and it's WHOA).

WHOA. Have an amazing weekend, everyone.


  1. Hello Elizabeth!
    So happy Gabardine "made your Friday". My name is Cate Hughes and I am the GM/Wine Director at Gab. It's nice to get a little shout out...thanks! Love to have you back before mommy-dom gets into full swing. I've got two wee ones my self, (girls ages 3 & 5) -Whoa! ;) you are in for an adventure. Best of luck and hope to see you again soon. CH

    1. Hi Cate,

      We had an awesome time at Gabardine last week! I must say my hands down faves was your yellowtail crudo and your donuts! We'll definitely be in again sometime soon; it was a great dining experience. Thanks for checking out the blog :)



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