Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 18

Officially almost halfway to the most daunting physical challenge of my life. Let's get straight to the pictures, shall we?

I'm taking a page out of my friend Brittney's book. She's also a blogger (hilarious, FYI) and expecting a baby in May. She's good at getting straight to the point which I confess, I am not. My thoughts and writing sometimes... meanders? Thus, for your weekly reading pleasure:

How far along: For those who didn't read the title, 18 weeks.

Musings on weekly photo: This photo demonstrates two things of which I am hyper aware: my unstraightened hair and my now constantly broken out skin. Yes, it would have taken me 5 minutes to bust out the iron, but I spent those 5 minutes making a smoothie. Sue me.

Weight gain: Brittney gets major props for divulging her weight every week. This little lady just doesn't have the balls (literally).

Fruit of the week/Size of baby: For fear of ruining trips to the grocery store for produce for the rest of you (like it has for me), I'll just say it's almost half a pound and roughly the size of my palm (although I have child-like hands as Kyle always points out, so it's probably closer to the size of your palm... unless you are a child. Or a little person)!

Movement: More and more by the day! And it's no longer one of those things that I have to strain to recognize. It's very apparent when Baby S. is making him/herself known. Each one makes me feel more grounded, more excited and more reassured.

Cravings: Still the fruitiest of fruity drinks. Smoothies are my best friend. Soberitas (my non-alcoholic limeade and frozen fruit mixture) have been my go-to dessert. And what's more relaxing than a glass of pomegranate juice in a wine glass after a hard day of work? Ummm, a glass of real freaking red wine, that's what. Will have to wait until August, though.

Annoyance: Heartburn is evil. When I was a kid, there were a few trips to Mexico when I can remember having this horrible feeling in my throat and chest after eating, and when I would try to explain it to my parents, they wouldn't know what I was trying to describe. I now know I was describing heartburn.

Highlight of the week: Allow me to get mushy for just a second. I have been super appreciative of my husband this week. His patience and love are worth more than their weight in gold (pretty sure patience and love don't have actual weights, but I digress). I am a lucky girl. 

Additional notes: More maternity clothing arrived this week, thank goodness! Which brings me up to two pairs of pants and a shirt. Repeat central is where it's at... Also, as you can see, Moe does not leave my side these days for the most part. He has been ultra-clingy in the last couple months, and I love him for it (even if it drives me a tad bonkers).

Happy hump (bump) day, everyone!

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  1. Since you're due in the summer you won't need too many maternity clothes. You can buy tank tops (especially ribbed) and t-shirts in a size up and they'll stretch and fit cute. Jersey empire-waist dresses, elastic waist skirts, and leggings will get you through. I bought two pairs of maternity pants because I needed them for work and like 3 shirts and that was it. A lot of tops are longer and stretchier and will fit fine. You'll also be bigger in your belly for a few weeks after you have the baby, so having a few larger but non-maternity tops will be useful then too!


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