Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 20 (!)

Halfway... How did we get to halfway? And so quickly too. Before you know it, our world will be turned completely upside down, which it kind of feels like already (I know I am kidding myself. We are like any first time expectant parents: not sure of anything!).

This week's snapshots (please note, I am wearing a tighter ensemble after some complaints to the contrary):

Musings on weekly photo: Maternity stretch leggings AND my Golden Girls shirt? You're welcome. Consider it a midweek treat.

Size of baby: BBS is officially about 7 inches long (can YOU guess what size fruit all these websites claim he is comparable to currently?) and about 12-13 ounces.

Movement: Well, my doctor confirmed that the reason I am feeling so much movement is due to the way Mr. Man is placed. He's really close to the surface of my stomach as opposed to the back near my spine, which makes it much easier to feel him kicking and moving around. If you really want to get imaginative, he's facing out at the world with his cute little head underneath my belly button and his butt near my bladder. I'm certain he will be hyperactive out of the womb as well (it's in his genes, help me, it's in his genes!).

Cravings: My cravings have not changed, but I have had to alter them per doctor's orders. After an unexpected accelerated weight gain this month, I got an unnecessary scolding from my doctor about nutrition. I assured him I have not been going to town on the indulging and that I eat a healthy diet. After the appointment, however, I realized the culprit is probably all the juice (100% fruit juice, but still) I've been downing. Again, the scale continues to amaze me with its constant creep towards higher and higher numbers that I've never before seen in my life.

Annoyance: Heartburn continues to pester me, but I will say my skin seems to be clearing up a tad and I have not been attacked by a leg cramp since last week. Thanks, Body, for chilling out slightly. I appreciate it. Oh, and giving up juice has been the biggest annoyance by far.

Highlight of the week: $6 pho dinner with my preggo friend, Tavia. It's been nice to be able to chat with someone who's going through the same things I am, face to face, and it's also nice to compare horror stories (ok, the not so scary stuff too). These books tell you what "could" be happening, but you still end up feeling alone on this journey some of the time. I appreciate her conversational skills, blog recommendations and enjoyment of noodles (her parking, on the other hand, could use some work). 

Fears: Funnily enough, name selection has become a ridiculous worry of mine. Kyle and I haven't even talked about it, but the more time passes, the more I feel like we're suddenly gonna have a kid in our arms whose parents STILL haven't come up with a freaking name!

Happy Hump Day and remember: Stay Golden


  1. Shout out in the blog Whoot Whoot!!!! It's like I'm famous now.....I shall start practicing my signature.


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