Friday, March 9, 2012

San Diego: Hen Weekend Special

One of my best friends, Miss Jenny herself, is coming down for the weekend and I am ever so excited. We've been meaning to have a weekend sans husbands for quite some time and the fact that our all our guy friends (our men included) are heading to Vegas to bid "farewell" to my husband's life sans child gave us the opportunity!

We have lucky husbands.

So, a quick breakdown of my tentative plans for us. Apologies to any of you (Jenny included) if it sounds a little less than... exciting? Pregnancy kind of takes the party, party, party out of you for the most part.

I am no longer a baller, shot caller, if you will.


Pick Jenny up from airport with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies waiting in the front seat. This recipe to be exact. Vegas boys, you may be lucky enough to receive some in the goody package I may have packed for you. This is also a good way for me to find out if any of you read my blog.

Heeelllllo? Guys?


Sleep in.

Little Italy Farmer's Market! Our plan is to pick up ingredients for a fantastic Saturday night dinner. According to the link, Little Italy in San Diego is a "hip and historic neighborhood."

We shall be the judge of this statement.

After moseying about, my next guess is pedicures, but where we will get pedicures has been undetermined. This strategy didn't work out for us in San Francisco a couple weekends ago, but here's to hoping! If it's sunny, I'm thinking picnic in Balboa Park.

Dinner will be masterfully crafted by us complete with tasty, but non-alcoholic beverages. I DO have wine and beer for Jenny though.

I would never expect her to suffer on my behalf.

We may watch a movie, we may just prattle on to our hearts content... who knows? It's a girls' weekend after all!


Sleep in. 

Brunch at Searsucker... which I am mucho excited about.  

The more I type, the more I realize how this weekend revolves around eating.

I'm ok with this, and I'm hoping she is too!

Either way, as long as the weekend involves some bit of shake face and air guitar, I'm good.

Photos courtesy of famed photographer, Dawn "Butt Cut" McGaw

Happy weekend to all, and to get it started on the right foot, why not listen to this?

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