Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 37

I'm reporting to you, once again, from Breech City. I can confirm that BBS is all kinds of comfortable and sticking his ground. This week has been a series of all sorts of fun activities, including acupuncture, moxibustion, headstands in the pool, vitamin B pills, inversions AND hanging out in the bathtub with an ice block on my stomach.

I never thought I'd be one of those people who had to resort to such measures.

And he still isn't turning! Start sending positive head down vibes my way everyone...

Who's ready to be dazzled by my beauty?

Musings on weekly photo: You're speechless right? The hotness has stolen your ability to think straight. It happens to me every time I look in the mirror. Just can't get enough, let me tell ya.
PS This is me being sarcastic.

Size of baby: Who knows? My acupuncturist has been calling him a "mysterious shrimp" because of how he likes to be curled up like, well, a shrimp. It's difficult to make out where he is most of the time (although the fetal heart monitor at today's doctor's appointment did show him to be hanging upright).

Movement: Yes, we get it. We've got a hellion on our hands. He refuses to sit still, yet won't move in the direction expected of him. We are screwed, friends.

Cravings: I'm making a special trip to the farmer's market this weekend just for tomatoes. Have you seen Bon Appetit's August cover? Be still my heart. And don't even get me started on the stone fruit that's been turning up.

Annoyance: That hideous slut heartburn continues to plague me. Be gone, wench!

Highlight of the week: The Dark Knight Rises at 8am on Sunday morning followed by a lovely lunch with some lovely ladies in Solana Beach. It was a good Sunday until...

Non-Highlight of the week: Organizing the bathroom on Sunday night was all sorts of hideous. HOWEVER, Netflix recently released Season 4 of Breaking Bad, so at least I was being kept entertained.

Fears: I'm not necessarily afraid, but a little weary of my nurse practitioner's reaction to my questions regarding a "gentle c-section."

Nursery: We're waiting on the rug to arrive from and we still need to buy a chair and ottoman. Aside from that, hanging up the artwork on the wall is all we have to do! Photos... maybe... next week?

Happy Hump Day, Bump Day everyone!


  1. You're getting so close!!! ekk! I think you totally get to pass on makeup/showers/having to put yourself together by the time you hit month 8. Rock it girl. Loving the fierce face in picture #3!

    1. Hi Blue! I know, it's crazy how quickly the months have flown by. I know some women say the last few weeks felt like months, but I'm not there yet... Before I know it, he'll be here!

  2. You look like a maternity model in the 3rd pic with that face! Sending vibes for BBS to head south!!!

    1. Awww, thanks Allie, that's sweet of you to say. I was getting all "Blue Steel" with my bad self. Thank you for the heading south vibes! I still have high hopes for it to happen :)


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