Monday, November 19, 2012

On Gratitude

Oh hey, everyone (and by everyone I mean my computer screen and the thousands of Italians who visit my site each month due to this post)! I kind of fell off the face of the earth recently. Here's the thing: between caring for and loving the cutest baby on the planet (I know, I know, I don't know how I managed to score him, but I did), trying to make money and actually having a life outside of the 1,100 square foot confines of my house, this blog has unfortunately suffered a bit.

Ok, a lot.

A couple years ago, I chatted with a well-known blogger and asked her how she managed to turn what was originally a fun online hobby into a lucrative job. She said consistency is the hardest thing and clearly, I suck at posting five times a week. Or more than twice a month! Not that I am trying to turn this blog into a lucrative job, I just wish I didn't feel guilty for neglecting what is supposed to be a fun online hobby.

Anywho, as it is the week of Thanksgiving, a time that always provides an opportunity to thoroughly reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives, I figured I would do just that, here:

I am grateful for...

... my beautiful, glorious, amazing, hilarious, genius son. He is the ultimate.

... my husband, for working his ass off to support me and said glorious baby at home and understanding why it is important to us both in the first place.

... my family and in-laws, in constantly being a place of love and support. And yes, Moe is definitely included in this bunch.

... my friends, for loving the three of us in the way that they do. The laughter we have with our compadres cannot be purchased, duplicated or appreciated enough.

...  San Diego's heat wave being over (am I jinxing myself by typing that?).

... the holidays, as they are my favorite time of year. I am GIDDY with excitement.

... good health.

... cashmere sweaters, boots and scarves.

... happiness, in all its forms, big and small.


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