Friday, June 24, 2011

Merci En Papier

Thank you. I say it every day. You say it every day (the people who read this blog most assuredly possess manners). But friends… I have a bone to pick. 

Thank you notes… why are they going the way of the dinosaur and Kate Hudson’s credibility as a good actress? On the one hand, I get it. Email has definitely changed the uses and effectiveness of snail mail in our daily life and in many ways, I’m grateful for it. Less paper waste, online bill pay, faster communication… all progressive and positive things.

BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) don’t you get excited when you come home, put your hand in the mailbox and find something other than the Albertson’s weekly specials mailer? I know I do! And isn’t it especially exciting when it turns out to be an invitation to a wedding or a baby announcement or a hand written note from a friend? Yes- yes, it is.

Let’s not forget the topic of gratitude. If someone gives me a gift or watches Moe while we’re on a weekend outing or helps me through a rough patch in my life, I like to express thanks on paper. A tangible, heart written piece of gratitude to the people I love and appreciate.

Is it that difficult to do?

Yes, it is time consuming and costs a little extra money, to which I say: so what? You can write a ‘thank you’ note while you watch TV or are waiting for your frozen pizza to be done baking in the oven. It is easy to find time if you try.

While looking at these photos, were you wondering to yourself, “Where did Elizabeth get this amazing stationery?” I have two words for you: Walnut Paperie. Brittany and Kimberly of WP fame are the only two I trust with all my paper needs, and they launched their new site last week. You should check it out. If you're gonna write a thank you note, you might as well do it in style, oui?

And for the record, Moe would write ‘thank you’ notes if he had an opposable thumb. Just sayin’ (but you know I use any excuse to post a picture of my dog, don't you?).

This is his "you should be writing instead of taking photos of me" face.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Love the post, Elizabeth! Thanks for the mention. I love getting mail, that's for sure! The art of the handwritten's a lost art these days. Let's keep it alive!


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