Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farewell Los Angeles

Handsome K got a job!

In San Diego!

Which means we’re moving.

While it’s exciting in some ways, I have to admit I’m bummed in others. I love our apartment. It’s on the top floor of our small building, with natural light pouring in from two sides. It has hard wood floors, a spa tub and crown molding (every visitor we’ve had to our place that’s over the age of 50 always points out the crown molding). Large palm trees filter the sun through our living room and our dining table overlooks a charming courtyard with a fire pit and barbeque.

And then there are our wonderful neighbors, who over the last two years have become our dear friends. Even our landlords rock (and how often can you say that?). I’m gonna miss the place and I’m trying to stay positive that we’ll find something even better in San Diego.

Many of my friends have moved from LA in the last year or so, which makes it easier in a way. But what happens to my dinners with my cousins, John and Michael, or trips for cheap Vietnamese food with my lover Teets? Do those stop? I suppose not completely, but it’s certainly not easy to grab pho or watch a Kepler Mission concert or see a spur of the moment boxing match if we’re two hours away.

Honestly, I’m surprising myself as I type this. I thought I unconditionally hated Los Angeles, and apparently that wasn’t the case. 

Ok. I think I’m done being a Debbie Downer… on to the good stuff!

I do love an adventure. In fact, seeking adventures are something K and I have in common. Did I mention we’re going here in October? I’ve never lived in San Diego and I know it’ll be a fun time discovering what the city has to offer its locals. Also, moving means getting the chance to decorate a new apartment. Or maybe even a cottage! The prices on housing are unbelievably great compared to LA, and the dream of being able to live in a two-bedroom something are getting closer to reality.

Adios to hideous traffic! Do you know what a raving loon I can become whilst sitting in a car on a typical LA day? Let me give you an idea: have you ever seen that old cartoon where Goofy is this simple, nice guy when he’s doing every day things… except when he gets behind the wheel of a car and turns into a maniac? I’m not this way all the time, but when it takes a person two hours to get somewhere that should normally take 20 minutes in any other city, who wouldn’t flip their lid? The answer is no one, friends. If the Dalai Lama could drive, he too would be cursing profanities and flipping the bird. Just sayin’.

Finally, there’s Handsome K’s job. He was stoked at the prospect of getting this position and he did (for the record, I thought he was going to get it from Day One). What kind of wife would I be if I wasn’t over the moon excited for him? Not a very good one.

So adios Los Angeles (and our short-lived Field Trip Mondays)… it’s been fun.

Hi there, San Diego.

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