Thursday, June 16, 2011

Field Trip Mondays

With all the extra time on our hands currently, we’ve decided to make a cultural go of it and have christened the worst day of the week as “Field Trip Mondays.”

Banksy, I Hate Mondays

Lucky for us, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA is currently featuring Art in the Streets, an amazing exhibition tracing street art and graffiti from the 1970’s to present day. 

AND (as if that description wasn’t enough to sway you), every Monday, until the exhibit leaves in August, Banksy is paying for everyone’s admission, due to his belief that no one should have to pay to look at graffiti. Bless you, Banksy!

So of course we went on Monday. Honestly though, it is more than worth the cost, and I am sure we will head back before it rolls out of town.

Some faves from the day:

After essentially raping our eyes in the best way, we tra-la-la-ed through Downtown Los Angeles. I should really make an effort to leave the Westside now and again because there is quite a bit to do, and quite a bit to eat!

Walking through downtown made me hungry for American-style German cuisine, naturally. We walked from the museum and had lunch with our friend Josh at Wurstkuche. It never ceases to amaze me how delicious their Belgian-style fries and bleu cheese walnut dipping sauce are... en serio.

I think Field Trip Mondays are here to stay. 

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