Thursday, June 23, 2011

Napa: What to Wear

We’ve been back from our jaunt to the Napa Valley for two days. It was a fabulous time, but now we are entrenched in our job search like no other. I’ve been putting on paper my feelings about the valley – my history there, my experiences, how it is a part of and ingrained in me – and thought I’d offer up some prime fashion recommendations as eye candy while I get it all down.

Handsome K and I managed to do quite a bit (including a good old-fashioned trespassing picnic… you know, kids’ stuff!), and here is what I like to don (or what I dream of donning) when I spend time in Calistoga.

Ensemble 1: Napa Valley Poolside

Wide-brimmed Straw Trilby, Diane Von Furstenberg Pattern Bikini,
Helmut Lang Open-back Jersey T-shirt, Sweet Beach Shopper, Tory Burch PVC flip-flops 

Granted, this outfit is the one I spent the most time in, but how can you resist when you’re staying at Indian Springs and can take full advantage of the mineral pool?

Ensemble 2: Calistoga Daytrippin’

Alexander Wang Donna Leather Hobo, Fedora-ble Hat, Steven Alan Betty Tank, Barton Perreira Spellbound, Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick Jeans, Anna Beck Timor Bangles, Forever 21Braided T-Straps Sandals 

I love the way these pieces look together and if I had to sum up my current style, this would be it in a nutshell. K sees this as an improvement from the clothing I wore when we first met, which included a rainbow of Converse sneakers and a Steve Urkel shirt with a zipper across the front.

Ensemble 3:  French Laundry Excess

Before I quit (thus, before our cash flow came to a grinding halt), I tried to get us reservations to The French Laundry. Let me tell you, it takes gumption and the luck of a leprechaun to secure them.

A quick breakdown of the process: Two months to the day, at 10am precisely, The French Laundry’s reservation phone lines open. If you’re like me, you ask a friend (thank you, Eda!) to help swarm the line. I placed 137 calls and never got through which, in retrospect, was a good thing. I’m pretty sure Eda placed a total of eight, but she’s Jamaican and likes to take her time.

If, however, I had gotten through and had a limitless clothing budget, here is the outfit I would have worn.

Lanvin Silk Bustier Gown, Ippolita Rock Candy Lollipop Rose Bangle, Philip Lim 3.1 Rosey Thorned ClutchOPI Limited Edition Britannia Collection, Alexander McQueen Patent Leather Flats

What cracks me up most about these suggestions is that the majority of my childhood in the valley was spent in a Target neon bathing suit and cotton bike shorts.

And truly, they were the best times of my life.

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