Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Card Failure

I have a confession to make: this was the first year I dropped the ball on sending out Christmas cards in nine years. Nine years!

It started my freshman year of college. During my free time between classes, I'd often meander through the UCSB Bookstore looking at books and tchotkes and sweat pants. It was a relaxing and enjoyable ritual, and I always got a bit excited when the week after Thanksgiving rolled around. Why? The arrival of the holiday cards, of course! It would take a few days to weed through my favorites and eventually select "the one," but I truly looked forward to it and loved sending them out to my family and friends.

Once Kyle and I got married in 2009, I figured it was acceptable to start sending out photo cards. He cried and moaned and bellyached the entire time (although you couldn't tell from the finished product):

It was such an intolerable experience the year before (what with all the arm twisting and pathetic pleading on my part), I decided to make Moe the star of 2010's Christmas card. He's much more photogenic than either of us anyhow and he thoroughly enjoyed his photo shoot at the beach.

Really, just a great looking dog, am I right?!

And finally we come to 2011. I thought my holiday season was already crazy and stressful, so why not put myself through mild hell and try to get Kyle to take another "family" photo? Why not?

A friend agreed to suffer with us, and after hundreds of shots of Kyle complaining and making the faces you'd think only a preschooler could come up with, we had a winner! I even went so far as to design the card... all I had to do was print it on cardstock and seal it in envelopes. That's all I had to do.

If you haven't caught on (and I am a little worried for you if that's the case), no printing or sealing or mailing happened this year. I even gave myself some wiggle room by making it a "New Year's" card. Alas, the farther we plod into 2012, the more ridiculous it seems to send this out. I think my holiday card ship has sailed.

It doesn't mean I can't share it here though, right? I figure enough of the people who would have received it via the US Postal Service read this blog, and I'll allow those who don't to just believe they didn't make the list this year. Serves them right, the unsupportive bastards!

I kid. I kid! We all know I excommunicate all from my life who don't read Running Into Screen Doors... because there is some Pulitzer Prize-worthy writing going on up in here. Pulitzer Prize-worthy.

Happy weekend, everyone, and of course, happy 2012!

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