Friday, January 20, 2012

What to Wear: Mammoth Aprés Ski

We're off to Mammoth this weekend, everyone! We'll be spending it with great friends and most likely, even better food, as I'll be making it with my fellow self-professed home cook, Brett. Here's what typically happens when Brett and I cook together: we toil away, chopping, mixing, blending, tasting, while our significant others, Kyle and Brittany, look at YouTube videos and make comments.

It's a lot of fun.

Anywho, whilst the majority of the people in our group (shout out to Teets, Seth and Greg (I think it's Greg, haven't met the fellow, but aside from knowing he's a vegetarian who may or may not like chili, I'm guessing he's a nice guy too) will be snowboarding, I shall be hanging out, cozy warm, inside. My knees have been bugging up a storm and Kyle and I both agreed it best I sit this one out.

So... what to wear? I decided, if you can't be entertained by the slopes, you might as well be entertained with what you're wearing. I'm talking crazy, wacko ensemble here, folks.

Set details can be found here

Hair looking bad? Why not throw a panda on your head? Striped socks too thin to keep your toes warm? Put a pair of boots on made by the shorn fur of a chinchilla (whoops, sorry, I meant fauxchilla). And who doesn't love pretending they're Goldie Hawn on a wintry day in Colorado?

Lookin' good, lady! And Kurt, not so bad yourself! This is giving me inspiration on what to pack for Kyle.

Because all of the above are things you're supposed to wear in the mountains, right?


A happy and fashionable weekend to you all!

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