Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some More Avocado Love

This has to be a quicky post as it has been BUSY over here today (never a bad thing in my so humble opinion). Since I started working at home, I've had the luxury/nuisance of having the kitchen at my fingertips for my midday meal: the luxury, of course, being that I don't have to worry about lunch until it rolls around and the nuisance being I spend the morning wondering, "I wonder what I should make for lunch?"

During the fall, I was obsessed (OBSESSED) with this Thai-inspired salad (honesty, honesty here: still kind of obsessed) and it appears that, for me, winter is the season of all things avocado. I thought I might be going a tad overboard blogging about them twice in one week, but it's one of the nice things about being the sole author at RISD: I get to subject all three of my readers to whatever the hell I want!

{insert evil laughter}

Here is my current lunch craze, amigos: a kinda, sorta Mexican rice and lentil bowl.

Sometimes I fear I might mention Trader Joe's a little excessively, but they provide me with such convenient inspiration for my meals, I figure it's my way of saying 'thank you' to them. This dish literally takes 7 minutes to make (maximum) and is SO delicious.

In a bowl, put some heated, pre-steamed black lentils (you can find them near the salad stuff). Top w/Jasmine or brown rice, both found in the frozen food section (and only take 3 minutes to heat in the microwave)! After that, add diced avocado, some shredded cheddar cheese, their Salsa Especial and a couple shots of Tapatio, Cholula or one of TJ's spicy delight sauces (although, stay away from their Habanero salsa unless you want to taste nothing for days on end. It's like the devil dancing on your tongue, FYI). I think some shredded cabbage and cilantro would also go well.

Paired with a couple chapters, it makes for a delectable, satiating meal for the body and soul.

Maybe I'll end the week with yet another avocado recipe? It may happen, so be prepared.

Happy Hump Day and happy eating, as always.

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