Monday, January 23, 2012

Current Web Lovin'

Did everyone have a good weekend? Wunderbar! Mammoth was a snowy heaven straight out of Narnia. Photos of our short adventure should be expected in the next day or two!

It's raining in San Diego... bliss, I tell you, bliss! So while I type away, cozy in an over-sized black sweater with a hot cup of herbal tea steaming on the table, I figured I might as well share a few things I'm loving on the web these days.

I already told you that I have a personal Pinterest account, but Ivory Sparrow launched ours today! Check it out for all things wedding, bride and love inspired. Feel free to follow us if you're in the mood.

A friend of mine posted this article from Huffington Post and I must say, if there's anything to remind a person of the shortness of life, it's a list of the top five regrets of the dying. Not to be completely morbid, but while I feel most people hope death is a long ways off, it's an inevitably for all of us, and wouldn't it be nice to die knowing you did or tried everything you wanted to?

In the "shopping I'd be doing on the Internet if I actually had the money to" department, I've found the following for future decor inspiration: Terrain. I've tried putting into words what my interior decor style is, and I tend to gravitate toward the following words: natural, funky, organic, largely muted with pops of color. How would you describe your style? It's more difficult than you'd think (or maybe I'm the only one who has issues with it?)!

Some items on Terrain I'm jonesing for:

A baker's table that may come in handy after my pastry making class this Saturday!
Reclaimed wood tray? Yes, please!
Adorable tags for homemade gifts... Feeling some Valentine's Day inspiration here!
I think every kitchen might need this sign.
These old fashioned mason jar salt shakers remind me of Grammy.

And finally, this weekend I was told my Mr. G impression from Summer Heights High doesn't actually suck, so I've been watching YouTube clips to brush up and perfect it.

I assure you I'll be looking for a headless jersey dress to add some performance art to my act. Perhaps buy a rabbit mask as well?

Wet or dry, I hope you're enjoying this fantastic Monday.

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