Friday, October 21, 2011

And We're Off!

Today's the day... Africa, I hope you're wearing your big girl panties, because here we come!

As promised, a Halloween inspired post before we head out to the airport, over and then out of the country (I'm so giddy and pumped full of caffeine that I can barely even type this).

I've always loved a good game of dress up.

I'm pretty certain we thought we were uber-glamourous.
Costumes, makeup, accents, theme parties... the whole nine. I love it, I love it, I love it! Thus, when it comes to Halloween and getting dolled up, I'm always down. Furthermore, I'm a UCSB alum and if you know anything about my alma mater, it's that we know how to do All Hallow's Eve the right way. En serio.

Photos you won't be seeing: my costumes from sophomore and junior year. The first was Tom Cruise from Risky Business, which of course means all business on top and no pants on the bottom.

Junior year's was rather inspired and the way it came together was almost serendipitous. My friend Matt and I were trolling State Street in Santa Barbara when we decided to go into Salvation Army. There I found a great Red Cross volunteer coat that reached to just upper thigh level. I paired it with knee high black leather boots, black booty shorts and a garter belt.

When my grandmother saw the pictures a month later, she said, "Well, you looked cute honey, but I think you forgot your pants."

Halloween 2002: Viking towel guy, German girl, Austin Powers
Halloween 2005: Abraham Lincoln and 80's girl (?)
Halloween 2005: Me as my roommate and German boy
Halloween 2005 (I dressed up 5 nights in a row that year): A whole lot is going on here.
Halloween 2005: As pizza girls, we carried jello shots in the boxes. Matt plays Bob Barker (scarily well, might I add).
Halloween 2008: Flapper and a little cat.
This pumpkin looks like Chevy Chase, am I right?
Halloween 2009: Sherlock Homie and Amelia Earhart (with Dog as her Co-Pilot)
Halloween 2009: Some amazing costumes to be admired.
Halloween 2010: Sherlock Homie (eye roll... AGAIN?), Miss Piggy and Grumpy Bear.
A zombie leg created fun whilst waiting in line.
I actually found a Kermit on the street! I have no clue who this guy is.
The whole gang, Halloween 2010.
Thanksgiving 2010... Yeah... I really meant it when I said I love to dress up.

Needless to say, I don't have the balls to go pantless anymore.

Another thing we'll be missing this year is the annual pumpkin carving party we throw. It would have been our third annual, but I'm kind of ok with, you know, us leaving for Africa in a couple hours.

Did I mention how excited I am already? Yes? 

I'm excited.

2010's clear cut winner. It turns out Matt is not only an amazing lawyer, but a talented artist as well.
"Ladies Fingers" soft pretzels I make each year (with marinara blood, naturally).
Our Halloween tree and some delicious banana cupcakes!
The spread. One of my faves? The "Don't Drink & Fly" napkins.

Trick or Treat, everyone, and see you on the flip side...

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