Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dog Lovin' on a Tuesday

Have you guys checked out StumbleUpon? It's one of those sites that seems unnecessary or confusing at first, but then quickly becomes addictive... especially if you have a desk job that leaves you plenty of time to troll the Internet. Essentially, they take stock of your interests and then randomly send you to sites they think might pertain to you. You can choose to "like" or "dislike" their suggestions, and based on what you tell them, they make even more specific recommendations (it's this whole algorithm thing, see).

And good god, sometimes they just nail it on the head. Take these photos for example!!!

Wiggly, wobbly dog faces?! And how is Hairless Rocker dog at the bottom? I'm pretty sure she's cooler than I am.

It's too much for me; I'm having a cute overload moment. And just who is the mastermind behind all of these?

Carli Davidson, apparently. Damn you, Carli Davidson, and your amazing photos! You've managed to usurp 30 minutes of my day in admiration of your work, and truly, it takes a genius to make hairless dogs seem desirable. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone. And while you're at it, give your wriggly, hairy loves a squeeze and a slurp for me.

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