Monday, August 15, 2011

Date Night a la San Diego

Friday and Saturday night marked the first of our dates in San Diego, and we most definitely went the nonconventional route (Saturday, anyhow). To kick off the weekend, we headed to the Gaslamp Quarter and enjoyed some tapas and wine at Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is very fun to say, for the record. And downtown San Diego on a summer's eve is like a slightly drunk Disneyland... on a summer's eve.

We had a good time, but I forgot I had accidentally packed all my high heels into our storage unit, which made for a lackluster date night ensemble, and parking was a real pain.  Honestly, it didn't hold a candle to Saturday's date...

Right around dusk, we packed some artisanal cheeses from Venissimo and a loaf of fresh sourdough from Bread & Cie into a bag, headed down to Mission Bay (with our trusty pup along for the ride naturally), loaded ourselves in Kyle's parents' outrigger canoe and hit the water.

Moe was a natural in the boat and reminiscent of Cleopatra; in fact, I'm beginning to think he sees us as his servants. Hmmm...

We paddled for about 25 minutes before we landed on a small island in the shape of a horse shoe.

I have come to call this "Moe's Island" because we were the only people there and thus, let Moe off the leash to run amok. He disturbed a huge family of birds (whose caws are still ringing in my ears) and managed to pee on almost every square inch. To say I was proud is an overstatement.

Anywho, we laid out our blankets, snacked on our goodies and eventually, watched the Sea World nightly fireworks show. It was kind of amazing.

To say Moe loved the fireworks is also an overstatement.

But I'm beginning to think San Diego could be a good place for our little trio.

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