Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm dreaming...

... of some cold... weather.

This happens every year. I'm going to warn all you warm weather fiends that you're not going to like the next sentence: I hate summer.

Before you start calling me a fool or egging my car, let me explain. I have about four days a summer when I love it. The sun, the breeze, the activities, the food... everything comes together in a synergetic way.

The other 90 days, I'm wishing it was autumn. Or the holidays. One of the two. Either way, the problem with living in southern California is that by the time the actual summer ends, the really hot weather picks up. Do you know how many Halloweens I've spent sweating like a pig inside my costume and hating life? Too many to count!

I wholeheartedly believe I was meant to live in areas where it's cold about 350 days out of the year, like London or San Francisco. If I could convince Handsome to move to one of those cities, I'd be ecstatic (and silver tongued... he is unimpressed with chilly weather and has let me know this).

Most people try to argue that living in cold cities is different than visiting (no kiddin'! I'm saying this in a yokel voice, btw), but they're missing the point. The allure of a chill, a rainstorm, a bank of fog, is based on being cozy inside, curling up with a good book under a blanket and outfits.

Yes, I love my cold weather ensembles, almost more than I love shopping for them.

The sweaters! The jackets! The boots! Put me head to toe in cashmere and I am a happy girl. Here are a few I've been dreaming about (and might possibly purchase at Aris in Laguna):

Cozying up with a book and a latte during a rainstorm (as previously mentioned):

Helmut Lang Cowl, MiH Jeans, Repetto Flats, Helmut Lang Clutch, Anita Ko Elephant Earrings
Meeting a client for drinks (cabernet sauvignon for autumn and winter, please!):

Helmut Lang Blazer, Helmut Lang Leather Leggings, Sonar Ankle Booties, ChloƩ Shoulder Bag, Jennifer Meyer Turquoise Dome Ring, Jennifer Meyer Diamond Earrings, Armand Diradourian Scarf

An unexpected date night at a delicious, hard to find bistro:

Helmut Lang Crepe Dress, DVF Suede Platforms, Marni Clutch, Cartier Love Bracelet, Asha Earrings
I'm over the sun. Bring on the rain!

And the Helmut Lang...

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