Monday, August 22, 2011

The Summer in Very Few Pictures

I feel like I've been up to quite a bit this summer, but realized I didn't do much documenting compared to years past. In 2010, K and I attended six weddings, were in the bridal parties of two of them, and all celebrations took place between the months of May and October.

Weddings always bring out our innate paparazzi, don't you think?

In going through my albums, I'm inspired to ramp up the picture taking, especially since K and I need to figure out our new camera before Africa. Nothing says 'major fail' quite like thousands of blurry wild animal photos.

Either way, here are a few highlights that I did manage to document...

A visit to the Napa Valley Olive Oil Company, a favorite stop of mine in the valley.
Getting some use out of my DVF striped hobo and go-to hat.
Trespassing on my grandparents' old property with great food and even better friends...
...and getting caught.
Celebrating our anniversary where it all began... The CIA.
Spending some quality time with the coolest 12 year old on the planet.
I've decided every wedding needs mustaches and sombreros.
Experiencing bone aching exhaustion as only moving can induce... 
Spending quality time with my best pup, Moe.
What trouble have you managed to get up to? Better question, do you have photographic proof?

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