Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something to Look Forward to in Africa

I didn't mention this in my first post about our upcoming trip to Africa, but in our group of nine, 1/3 of us are from the UK.

Which means I have two straight weeks of delicious British accents to look forward to.

I can't speak for all American girls, but this little filly loves herself an accent cultivated across the pond. What is it about them that sends my heart aflutter? Last year, when Dear T and Fantastic J got married (this is a timely post as well, as their anniversary is coming up on the 21st... Happy Anniversary, lovelies!), there was a high number of English accents to soak myself in and I managed to work on my own in the process. In doing such, I also created a British alter ego named Beatrice, who is a lover of all things dark beer, tea and unseasoned food.

Heads up, everyone, Bea plans on making a few appearances in Africa.

Either way, Fantastic J shared a little piece from The Oatmeal with all us travelers, and I, in turn, am sharing it with you. It's meant to help with any confusion for both Americans and Brits in learning the others' vernacular.

Warning to my younger readers: there is a plethora of bad language.

I've been searching for the perfect American flag bikini to pair with my bald eagle, Chauncy, but am having a difficult time figuring out how to sneak him on the plane.

However, at least I won't be sweating to death in a wool sweater set like my UK chums...


  1. You named your eagle Chauncy? That's so Bea... Mine's called Sam Jefferson Danger Touchdown, like a real American.

  2. SCORE! But I bet my eagle's penis is bigger than yours!


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