Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Return Address

I have an intense love of whimsical fonts. Not only that, I can't help myself when it comes to exquisite stationery and paper products.

Once we find a place, I intend on staying put for a few years. I hate moving more than I hate all the old depressing Disney films, like Dumbo or Pinocchio or Bambi (in reflecting on the common thread of all three movies, I'm beginning to think Old Walt had some major mommy issues)!

In the vein of staying put, I've been researching possible custom "return address" stamps on Etsy. Man oh man, are they delicious!

This little piece of fabulousness from AngeliqueInk

A somewhat more traditional, charming bit from Chicklet Designs.

I'm not much for modern, but sign me up for this little piece by La Happy!

However, I think this fabuleux stamp and font from Linea Carta is my favorite.

Sometimes I have a ball imagining what font I would outfit my life in if I had to choose... and thank goodness I don't. 

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