Friday, September 2, 2011

Big Day Memories

It's been an exhausting day. Three and a half hours at the vet which eventually led to a scheduled surgery for next week. Poor Moe!

Either way, two days ago, I finally ordered my wedding album. Some of you may be thinking, didn't she get married 2 and 1/2 years ago?

Yes, yes I did.

I don't know why I dragged my feet in getting it done. There were over 4,500 photos and I am a picky girl, but most brides can't stand the wait.

In having to pull the trigger, I was reminded of how wonderful this day was. K and I felt completely surrounded by people who loved us and wished us nothing but the best in our new adventure together as husband and wife. Almost everyone that had or has an important role in our lives was there, our friends and family, and it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Also, I was proud of how everything came together. Even though there are some who would lead you to believe otherwise (she will not be named), I planned my wedding completely on my own. The lighting, the music, the food, drinks and olive oil... it was all organically mine. Please do not think I had no help. To the contrary, without the help of my mom and now mother-in-law, this wedding would never have been as spectacular as it was. Also, we had the kind of guests who boogied before, during and after dinner, including getting down to a few special Indian Bollywood hits.

How often do you see that, I ask?

It makes a difference when it comes to the atmosphere of an event, having fun loving people celebrating you and your husband, let me tell you.

I hope you enjoy these. I'm trying to give a sense of the day, the best way I know how. Note we had a plethora of cute children attend. I know a lot of events are sans kids nowadays, but they wonderfully add a sense of frivolity and joy to parties such as these.

Don't stop believin' and remember, all you need is love.

Let me know if you want wraps like these for your wedding... Ivory Sparrow is about to take flight!
Momo, my godmother, made it out all the way from Kansas City!
Our sweet wedding girls...
My Dorothy Sparkle shoes...
The people sitting in the back row were my grandma's best friends. They sat there every Sunday for church.
I LOVE this photo of my parents.
The mayor of Calistoga stopped by to wish us well!
Kyle accidentally hit our photographer in the face with the champagne cork..
Clearly somebody let their four year old drink too much... and pass out in a planter!
Olive oil for the adults, M&Ms for the kiddies!
Our mutual friends from college... minus a Mong and a Krusty Nut.
A bagpiper led everyone to dinner...
Our first dance to Ryan Shaw's "We Got Love."
Every person in this family has moves.
It's ok... I don't understand what's going on in this photo either...
Gettin' down, just like grandma (see above)!
She may have illegally won this bouquet, but she was proposed to two weeks later, so...
I bet you didn't have resident Indians at your wedding...
 Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!

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