Friday, September 16, 2011

Girl Crush Friday and Life Decisions

I'm not exactly sure how to say this, so I'll just go ahead and do it: I think I have a girl crush on Jessica Hische.

Who is Jessica Hische, you ask?

Who isn't Jessica Hische, is the real question. This wunderkind (I'm not sure if I'm using this word correctly... and upon further inspection, it looks as though wunderkind means child prodigy. She is not a prodigy, or a child in fact, but she is phenomenal) seems to be good at every web thing I love:


Getting people to give her cake! 
Illustrating and designing!

But above all else, Jessica Hische is teaching me to not fear the Internet

Remember when I started this blog all of... three months ago? I had just quit a job that made me miserable and being unexpectedly unemployed left me with the opportunity to evaluate what my next step was in life (easy and light, I know). I made lists of what I was good at and things that made me happy and even posted a quote from Jessica Hische of all things! Want a reminder without having to do the hard work of clicking on my link? It was this:

And as silly as this sounds, this quote has become my mantra. I say it to myself whenever I start to get down about how all over the place my life is right now. I need more focus and more discipline, but I already know the things that make me happy and keep me interested, the skills I have and those I want to learn... and that's half the battle, isn't it? 

As an adult (god, I keep throwing the "a" word, around, don't I? Does this mean I'm still pretending to be one? Or that I've actually accepted the reality that I actually AM one?), I've realized that not everyone knows what makes them happy; there are some that will always find the negative in everything, no matter how blessed, successful, rich, smart or beautiful they are. Luckily, I DO know what makes me happy and in that I find comfort. 

Phew, that got a little deep for a second there, didn't it? I've decided a few things in the last week. It's been jam packed, but exciting, and I apologize if the writing's been lackluster at best. 

These decisions are (and I am putting them out there because if I don't, there's always the chance I'll cop out. I have to tattoo it onto the world wide web, people!):

I want to write. Write what, exactly, I'm not sure, but I want to make it a part of my "every day." I'm consulting with Anne LaMott (ok, ok, I'm reading her book Bird by Bird), and have already learned so much about this maddening, amazing, torturous process known as writing. She has somehow managed to put into words the thoughts that manage to bombard me when I try to create, and it has been helpful and enlightening.

I want to work for myself, but with others as well.  A friend of mine gave me an amazing opportunity a few months ago that opened my eyes to a lot of avenues I wasn't aware of; for her and for that I am grateful. 

I want to volunteer. I used to do this in college all the time, but stopped in the "real world"... What's up with that?

I want to take more time out of my day to let the people I love know it. 

I want (and need... desperately) to work out. The healthy eating I've got down pat, but the movin' and the shakin' needs to be ramped up majorly. (K, babe, refer to this post every time I try to get out of our workout plan! Furthermore, this should also act as a good test to see how often my husband reads this blog) I'm not overweight, but I am over the wiggly jiggly skin where muscle used to live.

Finally (let me guess what you're thinking: sweet Maria y Jose! This is her uplifting Friday post? What happened to raving about Jessica Hische?!), in the last couple months, I've been focusing on signs; more or less, what the world delivers to you and how you react or respond to it. 

It's a circular plane, right? 

What we send out is what we get back. I've decided to put my energy into the activities, people and things that make me feel good at the end of the day. I'm done with dread and anxiety and nervousness and people who don't take the time to think about how their actions affect others.

Life is too fucking short, people, and I intend to make the most of it.

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