Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thinking Pink

When my husband and I got married a few years ago, we were the first of our friends to take the leap and seal the deal with a ring. In comparison, the next year, we attended six (and were invited to eight) separate weddings.


However, this year, only one peep on the bride and groom circuit. Might we have cashed in most of our chips in 2010? Are we possibly over the first boom of weddings that won't occur again until we're in our early thirties? I'm sure you know what's coming next...

That's right. BABIES.

The first of our dear friends are expecting! Yup, it's really happening and today they discovered it's a girl. A GIRL! A wonderful, sweet, adorable (sure to be toe-headed) baby girl. I have been excited about it all day and can't stop smiling. Thank goodness I'm by myself. I'm pretty sure I look like a complete idiot and you'll have to forgive me for my excessive use of exclamation marks today; I just can't help myself!

Baby Girl Brewer, we cannot wait to meet you!!!

So naturally, I'm thinking pink. And by thinking pink, I mean I've been roaming around a few sites looking for some goods for BGB.

She's due in winter, but every gal needs a go-to dress for spring!
Burberry Gathered Dress

Baby Girl's parents lived in LA when we did, so I feel it only befitting she has an outraged onesie.
Sara Kety Onesie

 Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles!
Little Ella Moss Romper Dress

 It's chilly where she's gonna be living, so some stylish bundling is in order!
Ralph Lauren Infant Down Jacket

 Tootsies will stay toasty warm with these puppies!
UGG Australia Infant Booties

What can I say? Mama and Papa-to-be were children of the 90's. The kid's gonna need some leggings.
Splendid Littles Tunic and Leggings

Polka dot onesie grey and pink romper? Even snarky hipster babies can agree on its deliciousness.
Gap Polka Dot Romper

Baby Bear Brewer? I could just about die...
Gap Bear Onesie

Too bad Auntie EJ's feet can't fit into these sassy shoes.
Gap Kitty Ballet Flats

 If you know any parent with a baby, they know who Sophie the Giraffe is.
Sophie the Giraffe

 Trojan gear for Mama...
USC Infant Cardinal Dress

 Rebels paraphernalia for Daddy...
UNLV Rebels Bodysuit

And I might sneak on some Gaucho booties when Mommy and Daddy aren't looking, little one, just a heads up!
UCSB Booties

February cannot come fast enough...

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