Monday, February 6, 2012

Bon Iver Obsession

I've been a fan of Bon Iver for a loooong time... and by long time I mean four years. Since 2008, I think? The nice thing about being married to my husband is that he's music obsessed, so he does all the hard work of finding fabulous groups, songs, etc. and I reap the rewards.

When he played their For Emma, Forever Ago album for me for the first time, it became my "go-to" play: I listened to it while cooking for dinner parties, while hosting dinner parties, while washing up after dinner parties... It really covers the gamut for social gatherings, let me tell you.

We had been fans for a while when we heard about a sunrise concert in Hollywood Forever cemetery, and I think it will be years down the road (or maybe an equivalent will never happen again) before we see a performance we could compare it to. We got there around 4am, and at 5, some Buddhist monks came out chanting. Then, Bon Iver took the stage and to watch them play to a bunch of groggy fans with the sun coming up was magical. I will never forget it.

Today, a friend of mine shared their cover of "I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time," and I have literally had it on repeat for the last 4 hours. I am haunted by it.

I can't make you love me, or this blog, but I can share good music with you either way.

Happy Monday, all!


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